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We love our cars in South Africa. There is nothing better than being able to jump in the car with the family for some new adventure. There is nothing more convenient than being able to nip to the shops quickly to pick up some groceries.

So, if something happens to your car, it really hurts. What hurts worse though is a damaged, destroyed or stolen car. And you don’t have insurance.

Get an Automobile Association car Insurance quote now – Can you Survive without It?

Automobile Association car insurance quoteHaving an alarm or tracking device may not help. According to the SAPS statistics, around 150 cars are stolen daily, so there is a real chance of losing your car to theft. You might recover your car but what shape will it be in? Also, the car may have been used to commit another crime.

If you are willing to face those odds, what about the risk of damage in an accident? Even if you are the most careful driver in S.A., you have no control over how other people drive. And accidents aren’t the only risks – what if you’re the victim of a smash and grab, or get caught in a hail storm, for example.

Considering all your car does for you, doesn’t it deserve to have some protection as well?

Reasons to Get an Automobile Association car insurance quote

  • Should your claim be under R30 000, you receive an answer in 48 hours or less. For larger claims, the turnaround time may be a little longer.
  • You can benefit even more if you are already an AA member as members may qualify to pay smaller excesses.
  • If you need to replace your windscreen, there will be no excess at all.
  • You will not have to pay an excess if you make use of an AA Quality Assured repairer.
  • With Comprehensive insurance, your battery is replaced free of charge under the standard Roadside Assistance plan.


The AA understands that your car depreciates every year. It makes sense then that your premiums decrease as well. This is automatically put into effect if your risk profile has stayed the same. Should your risk profile have increased, this benefit does not apply. Your risk profile might be affected by claims, returned premiums, etc.

Getting a Quote that Works for You

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All info was correct at time of publishing January 24, 2019