Car Insurance Issues Arising from Driving in a Game Reserve

    March 1, 2018

    So, you are heading off for your annual holiday to drive around game reserves such a the Kruger Park. You’ve packed the Peaceful Sleep and have made sure that you have your padkos ready, but what about your vehicle insurance?

    Are you fully covered when on a game drive in game reserves, for example? The following issues may cause problems for you.

    Game Reserves – The Clearance of Your Vehicle

    It’s not something that we give a lot of thought to when we are driving on the road, even when we are dodging potholes. How low your car is to the ground, however, may become a real issue when you are on a game drive.

    You might very well find yourself stuck in more ways than one, especially if your vehicle is not an off-road vehicle. Find out ahead of time whether or not your car will be able to drive through.

    Game Reserves – Get Cover for Off-Road Conditions

    Driving in Game Reserves the Issues and Risks for Car InsuranceIf you have an off-road vehicle, you are probably paying more for car insurance anyway. It pays to check that your vehicle is covered for all kinds of off-road trekking though.

    Game Reserves – Driving at Night

    Driving at night might be problematic, especially if your vehicle’s lights are not the brightest. You might find this an issue if you have to claim as a result of poor visibility.

    Game Reserves – Stick to the Speed Limits

    South Africans are particularly bad at sticking to the speed limits a lot of the time. It is essential to do so in a game reserve. The dirt roads are not optimal for braking on and you never know when an animal is going to get in your way.

    Game Reserves – Stick to the Rules

    Do you know how strong a lion is? Even a small lion is capable of knocking off the bumper of your car with one swipe. Check the rules of the park and stick to them.

    That means no getting out of your car for a closer look at the “cute” little cubs and watching the animals for any signs that they may be getting agitated.

    Game Reserves – Figure Out an Emergency Plan

    We have all seen those videos on Facebook where some driver gets overly friendly with an elephant and they charge the vehicle. Imagine having to write that one down on your insurance claim form!

    It is highly unlikely that an elephant is going to be that aggressive, but do you know what signs to look out for? What do you do in that event? Figure out a plan upfront about how you will deal with something like that.

    Games Reserves – Make Sure the Car is in Good Order

    Driving into a game reserve with an unreliable car is asking for trouble. If the car breaks down, it can be difficult for you to get help afterwards. Try finding a tow company to get you out of a donga in the middle of the Kruger Park.

    The primary insurance advice for these situations is to be as prepared as possible. Make sure that your car is properly serviced, make sure that it can handle the conditions in the park and let your insurance company know that you are going off-road.

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    All info was correct at time of publishing