Factors That Influence Your Car Insurance

Getting the best deal out of your car insurance means checking the factors that influence car insurance. And this is not always easy. This is especially the case if you have certain trades that unavoidable raise your car insurance rates. You cannot alter these factors quickly.

Factors That Influence Car Insurance

Being informed about these influencing factors can be good since it will prepare you regarding rates to expect and help you find the best insurance without being misled by insurance companies. Read through all the factors that could influence your car insurance rates below.

Credit Score

According to extensive research, people with bad credit scores tend to file more and higher claims. A low credit-based insurance score will thus have an adverse impact on your insurance rates by increasing them.

factors that influence car insuranceAge

Your age will have a particular impact on your car insurance rates. If you’re still younger than 25,  most insurance companies will have a higher rate for insuring you.

Marital Status

According to research done, married driver tend to be less involved in car accidents and are issued fewer tickets. Some companies might even drop your insurance rate if you are under 25 but married! Combined bundles with your spouse can also bring your premiums down.


Although unlikely, some insurance companies make a connection between the type of job you are in and your risk of accident claims. People who are on the road frequently because of their job might be charged higher rates due to the risk associated with it (vehicle use).

Type of Vehicle

The kind of car you own and drive will have a slight impact on your rates. The model’s claim record will be taken into account.

Vehicle Use

The way in which you use your car will have a significant impact on your insurance rates. Special uses of your vehicle should be disclosed within your application. You might try to score on rates by not doing this, but if an accident occurs while using your vehicle for an undisclosed purpose, your claim might be denied.


Where you live and park, your vehicle is one of the factors that influence car insurance rates as well. Insurers study crime rates, the number of claims made annually and even weather patterns in your area to assess the risk you pose.

Driving Record

Your driving record will indicate how risky you are as a driver. A bad, one packed with accidents or tickets will raise rates at insurers also they check these frequently to raise your rates annually.

Claim History

All claims within your insurance history are contributing factors that influence car insurance rates. Whether they are at-fault claims or not a tonne of claims made in a short amount of time will have an adverse impact on the rates you are charged.

Although the factors mentioned above general have an influence on your car insurance premiums, some companies might exclude some of these because your best option will be to do research regarding each and asking the company you have in mind about it.

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All info was correct at time of publishing December 13, 2018