Super Cheap Car Insurance Quote

Isn’t there something positively poetic about super cheap car insurance that starts out low, and then proceeds to decrease every single month along with the depreciating value of your vehicle?

Sound familiar, right? Yes, it’s King Price, South Africa’s newest entrant into the cut-price, super cheap vehicle cover market offering you this great deal.

If that makes your heart soar, then you’ll love the fact that you can also choose the excess amount that best suits your budget (Just remember, the higher the excess, then the lower your monthly premium).

Super Cheap Excess Amount

Super Cheap Car Insurance

So if you decide you won’t pay any excess at all, then your premiums will be slightly higher. But then it will decrease every month until the end of your policy period.

Put another way: you get your no-claim bonus monthly as you go along, rather than all at the end in one lump sum. And that’s why King Price is leading the way in innovative vehicle insurance products.

Super Cheap Summary

  • First, go to King Price. Or just complete and send the form on this page.
  • Next, ask for a no-excess super cheap car insurance quote. Or pick any excess amount that suits you.
  • Get your super cheap car insurance quote and sign up.
  • Then sit back and watch your car insurance premium start at the agreed rate then decrease monthly
  • If necessary, claim on your super cheap car insurance.
  • Pay the agreed excess amount only – or none at all if that was your agreement.
  • Watch your premiums decrease monthly from an agreed start after King Price pays your claim


Super Cheap Car Insurance

King Price is the most innovative car insurer in South Africa today. Because they lead the way in vehicle cover with monthly decreasing premiums, forcing the rest to follow.

Now that’s sheer poetry.

Request your car insurance quote. Just complete and submit the form on this page



All info was correct at time of publishing November 9, 2018