Mountain Bike Insurance From MiWay

    January 18, 2018

    MiBike, the bicycle insurance product from MiWay, offers you the security of knowing your mountain bike is insured against:

    • Accidental damage
    • Fire
    • Theft


    In addition, you get cover for your Road Bike or Offroad Bike when on your way to bike races and during training sessions!

    Details about Mountain Bike Insurance

    Whether a serious MTB enthusiast or a rider mainly on the weekends, you may have concerns about the Mountain Bike Insurancecondition of your bike and the ability of your bike performing optimally during races.

    MiWay offers a comprehensive insurance policy for man powered bikes to ease your strained state of mind.

    Why MiWay is your Mountain Bike or Bicycle insurance partner of choice

    • Claims process that is hassle free
    • Exceptional customer service
    • Flat, low excess
    • Cheaper premiums


    MiWay insures your Road Bike or Off Road Bike while getting to Bike Races but also while training.

    Ask to be called back for you to complete a free bicycle cover quote, obligation free.

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