Insuring Contractor Vehicles With Oakhurst

It is true that with any kind of insurance many excess liability claims arise from vehicle use. And insuring contractor vehicles is no exception.

Being a contractor in South Africa is particularly difficult because it requires driving at all hours of the day. Often the sheer volume of work can cause fatigue and this can take its toll.

Most contractors have a fleet of service vehicles which they use to transport goods and people to and fro from a job site. Any contractor wants to know that their vehicles and workers get to and from the job site intact, and that provision is in place is something untoward should take place. Insuring contractor vehicles is therefore important.

Insuring Contractor Vehicles means Ensuring Peace of Mind on a Large Building Project

Insuring contractor vehiclesContractors need an insurance policy that removes the anguish should there be an accident with the contractor’s vehicle or construction fleet.

Particularly as an independent contractor, you will have more responsibilities to deal with, and having an accident that damages your vehicle can put your business out of action.

Contractor insurance cover is also important for contractors who may be paying too much insurance on their vehicle.

Insuring Contractor Vehicles – Lots of Tailored Insurance Solutions

Contractorsure provides security for the contractors who use their delivery vehicles every single day. If the contractor’s tools and work force are transported at the back of the vehicle, then the Contractorsure policy from Oakhurst Insurance company is the ideal choice. They offer a broad range of tailored insurance solutions, specialising in commercial- and personal insurance.

The mission of Oakhurst Insurance is to offer effective cover at the most affordable rates. They have received a national scale claims paying ability rating of A- from the Global Credit Ratings Company. Contractorsure contractor insurance meets the needs of contractors in South Africa.

They arrange full comprehensive insurance cover for contractor vehicles quickly and easily over the phone. Contractors receive immediate cover if their vehicle is in an accident or someone steals it, providing cover if your contractor vehicle has the relevant cover.

Contractorsure Offers Other Benefits too –

●  includes radio cover up to the amount of R3000 at no extra cost
●  a vehicle management system is installed free of charge – contractors will need to pay the monthly subscription

Contractorsure offers competitive prices for insuring contractor vehicles as well as after-sales services. For instance, membership to their Gold Club cover entitles you to –

●  road protect benefits
●  emergency benefits such as 24/7 roadside assistance
● designated driver benefit – this benefit is available twice a year
● lifestyle benefits and discounts such as Tiger Wheel & Tyre preferential rates

If you require more information on Gold Club, then you can call 0861 001 041.

Insuring Contractor Vehicles -Sign Up and Ensure your Business is Never ‘Out of Action’

As a contractor driving dangerous roads in South Africa, you want to ensure you’re protected by insuring your vehicles so that your business doesn’t come to a standstill if you vehicle is involved in an accident.

Oakhurst invites you to sign up for contractor insurance today so that you can have peace of mind that your business is up and running around the clock.

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All info was correct at time of publishing July 27, 2018