Dial Direct for Cost saving Car Insurance

Dial Direct, a UK based insurance provider, began operating in South Africa 13 years ago selling cost saving car insurance.

They offer millions of their customers’ insurance products that meet their needs as well as excellent, dedicated service.

Dial Direct gives you insurance for your home, personal insurance, life insurance and business insurance.

Cost saving Car insurance from Dial Direct for every Type of Vehicle

Cost saving car insuranceDial Direct policies offer automobile insurance for all kinds of vehicles from vans to ordinary saloons. The company also provides insurance to owners of motorbikes, caravans, trailers, golf carts and even watercraft.

They offer car owners four main kinds of insurance: Comprehensive, Third party only, Third party fire and theft and BetterCar.

Comprehensive Insurance

If your vehicle gets damaged in an accident, destroyed by fire, stolen or hijacked, you receive compensation also the policy can be extended to include your car’s canopy and sound system if you pay a little extra.

Any damage your vehicle does to someone else’s car or property and causes bodily harm, you won’t have to worry as Dial Direct will repair or replace their car and pay their medical bills.

Dial Direct insures you against accidents even when you drive someone else’s car.

More Cost saving Car Insurance Benefits

Third-party fire and theft 

If your car gets stolen, damaged or destroyed by fire there’s no need to pay hospital bills or repair costs.

Third party only 

Recommended for low-value cars or for those who are not in a position to afford better cover.

This policy only pays for damages to the other party’s car. It also pays for any bodily harm they endure. You have to pay for any damage to your vehicle, however.

BetterCar Insurance

You get another newer model car if yours gets damaged beyond repair in an accident.

Additional benefits are available should you choose to top up on your monthly premiums and in the event your car stereo gets stolen, Sound System Cover compensates you. Tyre and Rim Guard insurance takes care of replacing or repairing your wheels.

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All info was correct at time of publishing October 24, 2018