Changing a Car Tyre

Changing a car tyre is a simple task, so long as it’s done safely and carefully. Before starting, consider the following points:

  • Have a plastic sheet (or floor mat) to kneel on as well as a pair of gloves and torch handy
  • Read the car manual to ensure compliance with your vehicle type
  • Ensure the tools and jack are in the vehicle and in good working condition
  • Don’t attempt to change a tire if your safety is at risk (or if any of the tools are missing or in poor condition).


Step-by-step instructions when changing a car tyre

Changing a Car Tyre

  1. Ensure there are no passengers inside the vehicle.
  2. Ensure the vehicle is on a flat surface. Apply the handbrake and ensure the vehicle is in park (automatic) or in gear (manual).
  3. Block wheels on the side not being changed.
  4. Remove hubcap/wheel cover (if fitted) to expose wheel nuts.
  5. Loosen nuts with the wrench while the vehicle is on the ground (but don’t remove them).
  6. Place the jack under the jacking point and slowly raise the vehicle. Refer to your manual if necessary.
  7. Remove the nuts and wheel – pull the wheel towards you with both hands once the nuts are removed.
  8. Place the spare tire into position. If you are using a “biscuit” spare tire, remember that it is not designed to travel long distances and that you are restricted to a maximum of 80 km/h.
  9. Replace all wheel nuts and tighten by hand
  10. Lower and remove the jack and tighten wheel nuts with the wrench.
  11. Refit the wheel cover or hubcap if necessary.
  12. Take the punctured wheel to a tire shop for repair or replacement.


Some points to consider when changing a car tyre

Not all cars are the same, and there may be some extra challenges when changing a tire on certain vehicles.

  • Some cars don’t have studs by which to “hang” the wheel but rather small pins that help you to center the wheel. These are easier to change with two people – one to guide and the other to maneuver the wheel.
  • Some wheels have locking nuts and need a special wrench to remove them – always check that this is in the vehicle.
  • It can also be tricky to change tires in a vehicle with heavy wheels. This generally requires two people and you may even need expert assistance.


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All info was correct at time of publishing April 27, 2018