Unitrans Uniprotect Body Line

If you have paid a lot of money for your new car, you want to ensure that it remains in showroom condition. You want to get rid of any dent or scratch as soon as it appears, no matter how small. So read more on Unitrans Uniprotect Body Line here.

But how do you pay for these repair jobs, especially in the middle of the month when you have no money left? Luckily Unitrans thought of that and came up with a product just for you.

The Unitrans Uniprotect Body Line aims at helping you keep your car, and in particular its body, from any surface damage. And they aim to help you do it in such a way that you don’t feel the pinch financially.

Unitrans Uniprotect Body LineYou now don’t have to drive around with a chipped windscreen or paintwork, waiting for payday to arrive. Body Line can fix your car right away without thinking twice.

Why Unitrans Uniprotect Body Line?

We’re hoping you already saw the need to grab a Unitrans Uniprotect Body Line cover for your car. But if you need some more convincing, here are a few points:

  • It is very affordable- we meant the no feeling-the-pinch part.
  • It gives you the power to choose how long you want to maintain the policy- 24 months or 60 months.
  • This product also caters for the replacement of lost number plates.
  • You can claim as many times as you require to and the claim process is easy and pain-free.
  • There is no restriction on who does the panel beating on your car.
  • If your repairs take more than a day, you will get R500 to hire a vehicle.

And when you feel you’re ready for a change of car, or simply want to get rid of it, Body Line offers additional benefits. For one, you will get a better resell value for your car with it looking so dent-free and spick and span.

Next, if you want to trade your car in for a newer model, you will be required to top up much less if your vehicle looks undamaged.

Policy limits

As with every other car maintenance warranty, the Unitrans Uniprotect Body Line has its conditions and limits. We’ve listed some here for you.

  • You need to contact Unitrans before taking your car for panel beating for authorization.
  • The cover limit is R3,000 per claim
  • If you get carjacked or the car gets stolen, you can no longer claim.
  • The price of number plates replacement is R2,000.
  • There are certain levels of damage for which you cannot claim. They include stains left by stickers, damage by rust, damaged caused by a road accident, beading or moulding.

Claim lodged after the expiry of the cover.

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All info was correct at time of publishing November 28, 2018