A good car insurance website is right under your nose

Where to find a good car insurance website?

  • Look at the sites for established firms
  • Consult a comparison website to get quotes quickly and easily
  • Go for a blend of value and cover
  • Find a firm that offers comprehensive car cover
  • Choose a plan that gives you options

When it comes to a good car insurance website, the range of options out there can seem overwhelming. Where do you start looking? How do you compare the range of different options out there?

To start off with, see what an established firm offers you, to get an idea of what you should be looking for.

Where to Find a good Car insurance Website is Easier than You realise

Where to find a good car insurance website?Take MiWay, for example – they offer cover that is flexible, affordable and comprehensive.

The Standard Product from MiWay Includes:

  • Good value-for-money premiums
  • Customer service that is easy to contact
  • The option to access and manage your policy over the internet
  • Claims made simple and easy – either using the app or online
  • Emergency roadside assistance is included free of charge
  • The WeDrive service is free of charge

What You Need to Apply

You need to provide your name, surname, ID number, telephone number and your email address.

To Get a More customised Quote

You can choose to add in certain extras with your policy, like car hire in the event that your car is not in a drivable state. Or cover your car under all circumstances – whether you use it privately, for business or professionally.

To make Premiums more Affordable

You can increase the excess that you pay in order to reduce the monthly premium, even select the excess that suits you. The higher the excess, the more you can expect to save on a month to month basis. Keep in mind that if you claim, you will need to come up with the money for the excess.

Customise your Insurance level

Comprehensive cover is the most far-reaching cover. It insures you against hijacking, theft, accidental damage, explosions, fire and also natural disasters. It pays for damage to someone else’s car in an accident. And repairs or replaces windows as a result of wilful damage.

Third-party fire and theft pays out for a car stolen or destroyed by fire. It also pays if you damage another person’s car in an accident. However, it does not cover your car for any damage sustained in an accident or willfully inflicted on it.

Third-Party only is the cheapest option and only covers you where you have damaged another person’s car in an accident.

Total loss is a new plan should your car be written off or stolen. No repairs are covered.

How do I value My car?

This is something that confuses a  lot of people – how much do you insure your car for? You can choose any of the following to base your insurance on:

The Retail Value: What most insurers recommend. It is the selling price that would be charged at a dealer.

Market Value: Takes an average of the trade and retail value.

Trade Value: What you are likely to get if you trade your car in. It is the lowest of all.

Agreed value: This is where a value is not easily calculated – such as in the case of a classic car. The valuation will need to be done by a neutral third party.

Where to find a good car insurance website is right at your fingertips. Start tapping.

To get a pesonalised car insurance quote fill in the form and submit it.

All info was correct at time of publishing January 19, 2019