Correct Short Term Insurance Claim Procedure

Short term insurance includes cars, property-, travels, business and medical insurance. It’s known as short term insurance because your insurance needs will change. You take out a short term insurance policy when you need it. It is useful for covering the financial risks to all your possessions. Here is more on the insurance claim procedure.

Your short term insurance is flexible according to your circumstances, and it also caters to your changing needs. To indemnify yourself, they need to notify the insurer of the loss event so that the claims process can get going.


Get Your Insurance Claim Procedure Filed

insurance claim procedureThe notification of a claim is basic to the contract and, even if the policy did not contain any specific terms dealing with information, the insured would have to notify the insured to initiate the claims process. So as soon as you have an accident, get in touch with your vehicle insurance company so that they can help you with taking the necessary steps to file the claim.

There’s a correct way to go about claiming for short term insurance and the Ombudsman for Short-term Insurance sees many complaints related to claims. So the insurance company who makes the process of making a claim easy against your insurance policy should be regarded as worth a take. The company who can ensure you of a streamlined claim service because of efficient, value trained staff.

To ensure a smooth and satisfactory short-term insurance claim procedure, fill in forms correctly. Christelle Fourie who is a managing director of an insurance company says that if you don’t follow the correct procedures when you file a short-term insurance claim, it can cost you in terms of time and money.

Tips She Offers:

  • File your claim quickly while all the events are fresh in your memory.
  • Know what your service covers. Read your insurance policies and understand them.
  • Call your insurance company, even at the scene of the accident. They will walk you through the steps you need to take and advise you on what you need to send them.
  • take photographs of the event such as a car accident and also write down details. This is so you can present your insurance provider with all the information they require. Always take down the details of the 3rd party involved as well such as their telephone number. You want to be able to reach themĀ if you require further discussions.
  • never admit liability.
  • Always report your car accident to the closest police station and do this as soon as possible.
  • Always be 100% honest with how the accident happened. If you file a claim with faulty information, there will be delays and frustrations. File a claim the correct way – quickly and with the truthful information.

Correct Claims Procedures Deserves Fairness

Your insurance company will tell you whether you have a deductible to pay, and also how the claim will proceed. Your insurance company is there to represent you. And by following the right procedures with your insurance company, you can quickly resolve things. When you’ve followed the correct processes, as a consumer you have the right to a fair claims settlement service.


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All info was correct at time of publishing December 3, 2018