Car Insurance Brokers Answer Your Questions

    October 30, 2018

    With over 500 00 accidents and 140 000 thefts and hijackings on South African roads each year, not having vehicle insurance is a risky endeavour. Many locals choose not to have insurance because they think it is too expensive. They do not make use of car insurance brokers. But investing in a trustworthy financial advisor can make the choice so much easier and provide peace of mind.

    Why compare car insurance quotes?

    Brokers calculate insurance premiums according to each client’s vehicle history and risk profile. Car insurance brokers can give you these figures.The higher the risk profile, the higher a premium will be. The price will vary with location, car model, age of model, as well as the age and gender of the policy holder.

    What is important to remember when insuring a car?

    Always ensure that you insure a motor car for the correct use. Car insurance brokers can advise you on this. Specify if it’s private or for business use and always be truthful when allocating your vehicle’s purpose.

    Car Insurance Brokers in South Africa

    What are the coverage options?

    Coverage varies from comprehensive to third party insurance. Comprehensive covers damage, theft, hijack, as well as injury to other or their property. This is the most expensive and expansive option. Third party insurance on the other hand only covers the medical, legal and damage costs to another party when involved in an accident.

    Can I take out third party insurance on its own?

    Definitely. This is the cheapest car insurance you can get and is the absolute minimum we suggest. At least this insurance covers the cost of the damages resulting from an accident involving someone else’s expensive car. And it also pays out if someone else gets injured. But you won’t get a penny out of it. Ask your car insurance broker about it.

    What about items in the car?

    Ask the insurance company about the terms and conditions when it comes to transporting certain items and when theft will be covered or not.

    What happens if motor is in for repairs?

    Some policies do offer hired car options if a vehicle is in for repairs or is stolen but clients should familiarise themselves the terms and conditions.

    Where do I find car insurance brokers?

    Get a free online quote from a broker by completing and sending the form on this page.

    Get you car insurance quote. Type in the form on the page, then click to submit


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