Apply for Car Insurance in South Africa

There is an illusion in South Africa that insurance premiums on vehicles are too expensive. However, if you apply for car insurance, online you will find otherwise. Because there are affordable options that protect your vehicle and also your financial stability.

How much insurance do you need? How does one apply for car insurance? Or perhaps the better question is what option best suits your needs?

When you apply for car insurance, there is a variety of types to choose from, ranging from comprehensive cover, which is more expensive, to third-party cover, which is far more basic and affordable. Below is a basic breakdown:

Comprehensive Cover

Comprehensive insurance covers accidental loss or damage, including accidents, theft and hail. It also covers both you and a third party’s vehicle if it were to be involved in an accident. We recommend this option if you have purchased a new car.

Apply for Car Insurance Online in South Africa

Fire and Theft Cover

Limited (fire and theft) insurance does cover claims for loss and damage to a vehicle. The cover includes third party liability, due to the result of fire, lightning, explosion, theft or attempted theft.

Third Party Insurance

Third party insurance covers damages that you caused to another vehicle, which should be an option if your car is relatively old and paid off.

A lot of insurance companies offer free online quotations for you to get a general idea of what your premium would be, which gives you as the consumer the opportunity to weigh up your options to make the best choice. annually release findings of which vehicle insurance company scores the highest points and has the best customer satisfaction based on some categories.

Questions to Ask When You Apply for Car Insurance

Keep these questions in mind when considering an insurance company for your vehicle:

  • Is discount an option if you combine your household and car policies?
  • Is there an option to adjust any excess structure to lower the monthly premium?
  • What are the optional covers on my policy that you can remove to lower my premium?
  • What added benefits do you offer?
  • Are you flexible to my needs if my cover needs adjustment for a particular reason, such as switching from third-party to comprehensive?

Whatever your choice, make sure that insurers offer a policy that is best suited to your needs, while still being friendly to your pocket. The cheapest option may not be the ideal choice, so rather select a policy that provides the sufficient coverage that you require.


One of the best ways to get guidance on a policy of choice is to go through a broker, who deals with prices on a regular basis.  An agent will automatically choose the best package that caters for your needs. Become best friends with your broker for the best service. Start the process. Apply for car insurance on this page now.

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All info was correct at time of publishing October 21, 2018