Roadmed is Insurance Cover for Road Users

People who get financing to buy a car have to have insurance and Roadmed is a good option.

Although it isn’t a legal requirement in South Africa to have motor insurance just be aware that out of South Africa’s 10 million motorists, 65% are uninsured.

In other countries, without motor insurance, you get penalty points and fines.

Do I Really need Car Insurance if So many Other Car Owners don’t Care

RoadmedSouth Africa’s crime rate provides all the assurance you need that car insurance is a necessity.

Motor car insurance is a contract. It is where the insurance company assumes financial responsibility for loss the insured may incur.

It is important to know why you are paying a specific premium to insure your car. The model and make of your vehicle are factors that influence a premium. So are the driver’s age and gender. In fact the insurance company takes many factors into account. For instance, premium reductions are possible if the vehicle has a tracking device.

Make Sure Your Insurer is Legitimate in Order for Your Claim to be Legitimate

There are many insurance companies out there. Get a detailed view of different insurance quotes from a few insurance companies. Make sure the company you choose for insurance is a Registered Financial Services Provider. If you don’t, you may find the insurance isn’t worth much.

Roadmed is an insurance policy that offers essential cover for medical expenses. These are incurred as a result of a road-related accident on a public road. Bodily injury liability and medical payments coverage are just some of the excellent car insurance benefits available.

Roadmed insurance pays for medical expenses for everyone who is injured in a road-related accident. The plan also pays medical expenses for as long as 12 months after the accident.

Features of Roadmed Insurance

  • There is no excess.
  • No medical examination is required.
  • With Roadmed there is higher cover, but with lower costs.
  • Monthly premiums are competitive.
  • Monthly premiums are payable by bank debit order.
  • Roadmed pays out without delay, regardless of who was at fault
  • Benefits paid in addition to other insurance or medical aid cover you qualify for
  • Roadmed’s  personal accident plan pays a cash lump sum benefit. This is in the event of a permanent disability or death which is due to an accident.


Summary of Personal Accident Plan

  • Four plans to choose from – individual, individual and spouse, entire immediate family or single parent family.
  • High cash benefits even with low monthly premiums.
  • Cash benefits are payable over and above other insurance benefits
  • Monthly premiums are to be paid  by bank debit order



To find out more about Roadmed’s specific plans or to apply for immediate cover, you can phone Roadmed at their insurance help line on 0860 012 30. Call during office hours.

Roadmed advises that you must always strive to improve your driving ability. Drive with caution. Even though you have car insurance in place, you want to avoid an accident and all its implications.

To get a your own car insurance quote, just complete and submit the form on this page

All info was correct at time of publishing October 8, 2018