As an individual you need a customised quote from Youi

What do I need to get a Custom car Insurance quote from Youi?

  • Provide your personal details
  • The make and model car you drive
  • The distance you travel every day
  • What you use the car for
  • What level of cover you need

A custom car Insurance quote from Youi treats You as an Individual

Some insurance firms treat every one of their clients the same as everyone else. This means you could end up paying higher costs for something that really doesn’t relate to your needs.

Let’s say that you just drive your car to work and back every day, a distance of 20km. Therefore, why should you be in the same category as someone who takes their vehicle off-roading as well?

Custom car insurance quote from YouiAnd, if you are that person who wants to go off-roading. And you want more customised cover than the standard insurance policy offers, then Youi can deliver. Youi is a company that looks at each client as an individual and you pay only for the cover that applies to you.

You can Definitely save With a Youi policy

Tired of paying high premiums for extras that don’t apply to you? It’s time to insure your car differently. Youi customises your cover so that you get exactly what you want.

What other Information does Youi need from You?

  • What distance do you travel on a daily basis
  • Do you use your car for business or private use
  • How do you want to insure your car – using its market or retail value
  • What events do you want to insure for

What level of Cover do You need?

  • Third-party: This is the most basic cover. Your car is not insured for any damages or theft. However, if you cause an accident, Third-party insurance pays for the damage to the other vehicle.
  • Third-party fire and theft: Gives a mix of cover for yourself and your car. The same cover as above applies, except that here, if your car is destroyed in a fire explosion or if it is stolen, you are covered as well.
  • Comprehensive: The cover with the highest level of protection. Therefore, you are insured if your car is damaged in an accident, stolen or destroyed by fire. In addition, the company will pay for the removal of the vehicle from the accident scene. With Youi, you also get free accidental death cover of R250 000 with the comprehensive plan.

Custom car Insurance quote from Youi and add-ons You can Insure

The add-ons add extra value to your plan. For example, you can include car hire, an expensive sound system in your vehicles or any other non-standard enhancements. If you like visiting our neighbouring countries, you can also add in Safari cover. Unsure of the current economic environment? Consider Credit Protection or Shortfall cover as well.

To get your car insurance quote just fill in the form and submit it.

All info was correct at time of publishing January 20, 2019