VitalityDrive from Discovery

    December 20, 2018

    South Africans are compelled by law to invest in a minimum of a third party car insurance cover? Consider VitalityDrive from Discovery to meet the requirements of the law.

    Although there are many insurers to choose from, we will look at the range of car insurance plans from Discovery Insure.

    Discovery Car Insurance Types – VitalityDrive from Discovery

    Discovery created three car insurance plans tailored to customer’s different prerequisites and budgets.

    The Executive Plan

    VitalityDrive from DiscoveryIt’s Discovery’s choice car package that offers comprehensive insurance cover, plus excellent additional benefits and features.

    It is, however, limited to customers whose combined building, household contents and moveable possessions insurance are no less than five million rand.

    The Classic Plan

    This plan also offers comprehensive car insurance cover with some general and optional benefits.

    The Essential Plan

    This program offers comprehensive car insurance cover similar to the Classic Plan but with less general and optional benefits.

    All Plans Inclusive & Assistance Benefits – VitalityDrive from Discovery

    Smartphone application

    A very convenient way to submit a car accident claim by just sending images taken at the car crash scene! So it’s as easy as capturing images of the scene, vehicles, drivers, witnesses and drivers’ licenses. In fact,anything that might help the claim. Upload it to Discovery via the application available to Android or iPhone owners.

    Towing and storage

    The combined cost for towing and storage of a vehicle after a car accident is fully covered, however only in South Africa.

    Keys, locks and remote controls

    Should you ever experience a problem with any of these, damage to or loss, it is entirely covered.

    Emergency roadside assistance

    Clients who are stranded as a result of car breakdowns are covered thoroughly.

    Direction Assist

    Discovery avails this service that can be accessed via phone, email fax, on condition that the location it is in South Africa.


    This benefit grants access to a 24-hour helpline, keeping in touch with a client for the duration of their trip, ensuring their safe arrival at their destination.

    Trauma support

    Clients involved in a traumatic situation like hijacking or a major car accident, qualify for a maximum of four professional counselling sessions.

    Specific Plans Inclusive Benefits – VitalityDrive from Discovery

    No excess payable for claims

    This benefit is only available for the Executive and Classic plans. It applies to all car damage instances, even if it is of a malicious nature and if an insured third party causes an accident.

    As far as the Essential plan is concerned, customers only qualify for the no excess option in cases where an insured third party causes an accident.

    Car hire

    This benefit only applies to the Executive and Classic plans. Also, clients get car hire at no extra cost for up to 30 days with the option of an upgrade on any vehicle for up to 60 days.

    So if there is a claim, they can elect to exchange their car hire to R1 500 for utilising Uber services. Also, optional Benefits Applicable to Selected Plans

    MultiVehicle benefit

    This benefit only applies to the Executive plan for clients who own several vehicles but only drive one car at a time, at a reduced premium.

    Car Hire Upgrades

    Executive Plan

    This program offers three options:

    1. At an extra monthly premium, they can extend their car hire limit to a maximum of 60 days, if there is no claim,
    2. An upgrade at an additional monthly premium or
    3. If a car accident claim is in a process, a payment being the difference between the cost of an upgrade and the standard car hire cover applicable to this plan.

    Classic Plan

    This plan makes provision for:

    1. An upgrade at an extra monthly premium or
    2. A payment equal to the difference between the cost of the upgrade and the standard cover on this plan once a claim commences.

    Essential plan

    As this scheme does not include car hire as a benefit, also, on offer to clients is the option to acquire a maximum of 30 days’ car hire at an additional monthly cost.

    With this option, and upon claim commencement, they can then also elect to exchange their car hire to Uber services at the price of R1 500.

    Should insurers choose the two previous offers, they qualify:

    • For the additional car hire upgrade at an extra monthly premium,
    • To pay the difference between the cost of the upgrade and the standard cover under this plan

    Optional Benefits Applicable to ALL Plans

    Excess flexibility

    This option allows flexible excess which includes a zero excess amount. A higher than the basic excess option results in a lower monthly premium whereas insurers will incur an extra monthly premium for a lower than the basic excess.

    Credit shortfall cover

    In a vehicle is written-off, the credit provider will receive an amount equivalent to the balance still due on the vehicle up to the maximum specified in Discovery’s Benefit Limit Annexure.

    Write-off accelerator

    Allowing clients to have their vehicle written off at lower damage levels than the current industry standard of 70%.

    Retail value booster

    In the event of theft or a write-off, it pays out 15% more than the vehicle’s value.

    VitalityDrive from Discovery

    Vitalitydrive is an exclusive programme that rewards insurers for driving well. So improving their driving awareness and knowledge. Also, ensuring that their vehicle is safe to drive, with the top-class aim to attain an Advanced Vitalitydrive status.

    Among others insurers are rewarded with:

    Gautrain spend back and 50% BP fuel expenses,

    Chances of winning a free tank of fuel,

    25% discount on their Uber trips,

    25% discount on their monthly Road Trip subscription,

    10% saving on all Tiger Wheel & Tyre purchases,

    Double fuel rewards payable into their Excess Funder Account,

    Uber’s a smartphone technology,

    Scooter Angels driving services for those who had too much to drink.

    Young Adult benefits for drivers younger than 26 years of age.


    So Discovery car insurance with its vast array of benefits and features is a recommended option for those considering a tailor made product from one of the best companies in the industry.

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    All info was correct at time of publishing