You’re On A Slippery Surface With Smooth Tyres And Car Insurance

    July 8, 2018

    Smooth tyres are a threat to the lives of your passengers, other road users and yourself.

    But you know that!

    What you may not know is that the validity of your car insurance policy is also threatened by smooth tyres.

    Let’s say someone proves that an accident occurred because of badly worn or maintained, smooth or nearly smooth tyres. Well, then your car insurer may reject your insurance claim for repair or replacement.

    What is the Definition of Smooth Tyres

    Smooth Tyres and Car InsuranceThe minimum legal car tyre tread depth is 1 mm all over. Bear in mind that this is the minimum and may be insufficient to prevent accidents on slippery or sandy surfaces.

    To make sure that smooth tyres are not a threat to life or your insurance policy, check your tyres’ tread and pressure regularly.

    If you are not knowledgeable enough to figure out if your tyres are too smooth, just drive into Tyre Rama, Speedy or one of the many drive-in tyre places. They will quickly let you know what you need in the way of tyres. They are accustomed to identifying smooth tyres.

    Your Tyres may Look Good In Sections but Tyres become Smooth Unevenly

    If your vehicle has reached the point where the tyres are smooth it is probably that the tyres will have become unevenly smooth. For instance, your front left hand tyre might be altogether smooth while the right hand front tyre might be smooth only on one part of the surface. This is because the wheel balancing and/or wheel alignment might be out.

    When replacing smooth tyres it is advisable to have the wheels balanced and aligned. This will help the tyres to wear evenly and will lead to a longer life for your tyres.

    Also, don’t forget the spare tyre. You might have to travel a long distance with a spare tyre one day, even if it is the least of the smooth tyres you have discarded.

    Second Hand Tyres Can be as Bad as Smooth Tyres

    In addition, change your tyres as often as needed and NEVER even consider buying grooved tyres (second-hand smooth tyres with grooves cut in them). Doing so is close to suicidal and virtually guarantees that your insurance claim will be rejected.

    It’s common sense really, as the only contact your car has with the road are your tyers and the only control you have over the car is….you got it!

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    All info was correct at time of publishing