An AA Car Insurance plan sets the standard for road safety

Why should I ask for an AA Car Insurance quote?

  • The AA  has a great track record
  • You can choose from a variety of affordable options
  • The AA is the original roadside assistance company
  • Vehicle insurance is something that is essential
  • The financial consequences of being in an accident can be severe

The AA, a trusted name in the South African motor industry have plans that are bound to fit in with your budget and with benefits that you need. There are four basic membership plans to choose from.

The AA Car Insurance quote Advantage plus Plan

If  you have a vehicle breakdown a trained technician is on hand for:

  • Minor repairs, battery testing, towing and storage where required
  • Key/lock solutions
  • Changing of tyres and or repair to tyres
  • Supply fuel to get you to the next petrol station or give you a tow
  • Secure your car against theft

If there is an accident, theft or vandalism:

  • Legal and Medical Advice for you and your family
  • Removal of the car if undrivable
  • Contacting your family to explain what has happened
  • You receive Mayday medical rescue in the case of emergency when you have an accident
  • Advice, counselling or repatriation as necessary
  • Accommodation arranged should the accident be 100km or more from home. Minors are cared for in need. And you are able to use this service free 5 times a year.

Look at all the Add-On’s you get with this plan.

AA Car Insurance quoteYou qualify for discounts and special packages, free guides and maps, help in obtaining a visa, the AA travel mag, a first aid kit, help to get an international driving permit, discounts on accommodation and, in certain countries, services abroad.

Of particular advantage is that you may qualify for a reduction in the excess that must be paid in the event of loss or damage on your comprehensive vehicle insurance. You can get a quote for this cover by completing and submitting the form on this page.

The AA Car Insurance quote Advantage standard Option

If there is a vehicle breakdown:

  • The same services as offered with the Advantage Plus plan
  • No assistance in the event of theft or vandalism
  • A pared down Mayday medical rescue option. You do not get security. There is no accommodation or towing benefit when you are 100km or more from your home
  • You can use this service free five times a year

Add-On Extras

These are all the same as above except that you do not get the travel mag. If you choose to, you can utilise services not included in the cover but you will pay to do so.

The AA Car Insurance quote Alliance Plan

This is exclusively for those aged 60 and over. If there is a breakdown, the benefits are the same as for the Advantage Plus plan.

  • There is no cover for theft or vandalism
  • The Mayday medical rescue cover is the same as for the Standard option
  • You are allowed to use this free three times a year
  • The add on extras are the same as for the Advantage plan

The AA Car Insurance quote Action exclusive Plan

This is specifically for those under the age of 25.

  • Basic benefits are the same as those offered with the Advantage plan but you can only use it free twice a year
  • The extra benefits match those for the Advantage plan
  • The subscription rates for each plan differ and can be checked at the AA website

What more can you ask? The AA takes care of you from the moment you leave home until you return. With or without your car.

To request your car insurance quote fill in and submit the form on this page.

All info was correct at time of publishing January 24, 2019