All about BMW Warranty Extender

The BMW warranty extender has become a standard option with every model sold. This benefit was introduced to car owners in South Africa 31 years ago.

The BMW warranty extender. A great Benefit for a great Car

The BMW warranty extender referred to as the BMW Motorplan Extension, includes a service/car maintenance plan, therefore, keeping your BM in tip top condition years after you bought it.

Getting a warranty extender from BMW guarantees you regular service for seven years or up to 200,000 km. This is in addition to the five years or 100,000 km on your standard maintenance plan.

Quality and service are the priority of the BMW Motorplan Extension. Replacement parts are genuine BMW parts, and a 24-hour assistance is also available on their helpline.

The BMW warranty Extender also Takes care of the Small things 

BMW warranty extender

You get excellent service, like changing your car’s oil and water and insurance against wear and tear. However, the perks of the extender plan are only available to owners of BM’s no more than ten years old or that have not clocked 100,000km on the odometer.

With the cost involved in getting a service plan for your car, you might still be wondering whether it is worth the risk, the above benefits notwithstanding. What if you knew that you would be saving money in the long run?

With a maintenance plan, you pay for service at the current price and not at the future price. Your vehicle will still be serviced at R2,000 two years from now even if by then the cost will have risen to R3,000.

You will, therefore, have saved yourself a cool R1,000 by subscribing to a motor plan.

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All info was correct at time of publishing November 7, 2018