Types of Car Insurance in South Africa

Car insurance in South Africa can be quite expensive, and there are many types of car insurance. People are reluctant to buy it.

Criminal activities resulting in damage also means that their premiums are always on the rise.

Car accident and hijacking statistics in South Africa is all the evidence you need that car insurance is necessary and can save you from financial ruin.

Find out About the different Types of car insurance 

Types of car insurance

If you aren’t insured, you’ll be responsible for covering the costs of repairing your vehicle, and you’ll also have to cover the legal fees of trying to claim damages from another uninsured driver.

The Ombudsman for short term insurance deals with many complaints from customers who don’t understand how insurance products work.

It is for this reason that the Arrive Alive website provides plenty of useful information about how car insurance works. It provides details about the different types of car insurance available to South Africans.

Arrive Alive explains Comprehensive car Insurance

You’ll discover on their blog pages that comprehensive car insurance offers a complete level of cover available.

It will cover the cost of repairing damage to your vehicle, but also repairs to the other vehicles. Always compare comprehensive car insurance and get an online quote. It is important to understand why you are paying the premium you are.

There are Few aspects that go into Determining Your premium 

  • Your age and gender as well as your driving history, you may qualify for a no-claim bonus if you have a record of not making claims.
  • The make, model and age of your car.
  • How often do you use the vehicle and for what?
  • What safety measures you have in place such as alarm, immobiliser, tracking system, etc. the more you have, the better.


Understand everything About the Types of car insurance

There are no shortages of insurance companies in South Africa. They offer car insurance designed around your budget and your needs.

You can choose between Comprehensive, Third Party, Fire & Theft or Third Party Only cover. Each of these insurers will also allow you to add other benefits to your vehicle cover. You can tailor your comprehensive car insurance policy to suit your precise needs as well as your budget.

It is important to ask for different insurance quotes from some different insurance companies. Never just choose car insurance based on the small monthly premium. They may be little but what about hidden costs, exclusions and how they go about dealing with claims?

A most Reliable source of Information

Are you still perplexed about car insurance? Arrive Alive’s blog has all the information and advice you need from a reliable source.

They will tell you about the importance of car insurance, insurance fraud, how to protect your vehicle, how the claims process works and about the Ombudsman for short term insurance.

They will tell you about South Africa’s leading car insurance companies and also give you a brief overview of the relevant vehicle laws which govern car insurance in this country.

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All info was correct at time of publishing October 11, 2018