Vehicle Insurance for Car Owners in South Africa

Like bread and water vehicle insurance has become a necessity.

It protects you financially when you damage your vehicle.

Insurance protects you financially if you accidentally damage someone else’s vehicle.

It also looks after you if someone steals your vehicle.

You can’t afford to be on the road without insuring your vehicle with an insurance company of some kind.

AA insurance is an excellent example of an insurance company that emphasizes every driver’s NEED for car insurance.

Getting vehicle insurance without all the frustration

Getting car insurance quotes has a history of being a little long-winded. The truth is the process is downright painful! You call up the different vehicle insurance companies and start to repeat your details over and over. The insurance industry has realized the frustration their potential clients are going through. They have begun revolutionizing the way we get our vehicle insurance quotes. It’s so quick and easy.

Do it right the first time

Vehicle Insurance

You can now get vehicle insurance quotes online! It’s so much easier to type in your own details and get an instant online motor insurance quote. In fact, you can now type in your details once and get multiple vehicle insurance quotes online from more than one vehicle insurance South Africa has to offer. Getting vehicle insurance is becoming easier and more accessible for all.

Get it done quick

No more old fashioned queues to wait in. No more sitting on hold wasting your airtime to get a simple quote for car insurance. And no more repeating your details to each call center agent you speak to. Getting insurance for cars has become seamless and anyone can do it. The people demanded it, so it is done! Access to vehicle insurance has been upgraded and updated the country. Yes, car insurance quotes online South Africa.

Getting the best price for car insurance

It’s true, however, motor vehicle insurance still seems to be a bit expensive. The general understanding is that the more expensive your car, the more you pay. However, your premium is created by you answering a list of questions about your age, gender, driving history and car type. They also ask you a few questions about where you live and where you park the car. The result: your premium is often high and simply impossible to afford. Some vehicle insurance companies in South Africa have started to look at doing things differently. Some companies have started billing you for vehicle insurance according to how much and how far you drive. They only bill you for the distance and not just a monthly premium. Some companies offer you rewards for good driving by monitoring your speed and the area’s you drive through. This is helping us all get access to the most affordable car insurance South Africa provides.

Putting a fat smile on your face

So you see, there is hope! Insuring your vehicle is becoming easier, more affordable and more accessible. You can have your dream car and you can afford to insure it.


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All info was correct at time of publishing May 5, 2014