Places to Get Car Insurance in South Africa

    October 15, 2018

    Getting car insurance may seem to be easy until you look places to get car insurance. Then you will discover that there are many companies that offer car insurance, and there are also many brokers.

    You can be overwhelmed by the sheer number of places to get car insurance. It might help if you knew the kinds of car insurance providers available and what each of them offers. Luckily that’s what we’re looking at today.

    Places to Get Car Insurance

    There are three main categories of providers:

    Insurance brokers

    You are probably already familiar with insurance agents if you have any policy. A car insurance agent will offer you information on the policies available from different insurance companies. He or she will take you through their pros and cons. After you select one they will act as the go-between between you and the company. They will help you fill the sign-up documentation and take you through your contract before you sign.

    Places to Get Car Insurance

    After you’re on board, they will offer you support as well as help you when you need to make a claim. The upshot with dealing with a broker is that they save you the hassle of leafing through mountains of brochures when trying to find the right car insurance product. They also save you a lot of footwork when signing up or processing a claim.

    Flipside of brokers

    The flipside of a broker-provided cover is that you’re never sure if the policy they’re recommending is the best value for money or simply the one where they’ll earn the fattest commission. Also remember that brokers don’t offer their services for free; they include their fee in your premiums. So you will still have to do your homework before selecting an agent if you want to be sure of getting a good broker one who will put your interests first.

    Insurance companies

    It’s not mandatory to buy or maintain your car insurance policy through a broker. Insurance companies have tried to make the process of finding suitable products and signing up for them much less complicated and intimidating than it was in the past. Besides widening the net for prospective clients, the making of their operations more transparent and easier to understand has been necessitated by law.

    No Middleman

    To do away with the middlemen entirely, many insurance firms have invested in robust call centres. Call agents provide the support brokers were relied upon to furnish in the past. They have also made a lot of the information available online through their websites. Many of them allow visitors to not only read about available car insurance plans but also to get quotations free of charge.

    The beauty of dealing directly with insurance firms is that you can do away with broker commissions. But you will also be doing away with the valuable services they offer including doing the shopping around for suitable plans on your behalf.


    Aggregators like Hippo provide broker-like services except that they deal with many more insurance companies and offer less of a personal touch. They offer you plenty of info on policies offered by many insurers, make recommendations. But they leave the final choice up to you. Many people use their websites to make comparisons and get quick insurance quotes.

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