Get Car Insurance for the Holidays

Are you one of the thousands of car owners in South Africa who have no car insurance at all? There is no excuse. You must get car insurance for the holidays.

It need not be expensive.

Third Party Only car insurance, for instance, can be a couple of hundred Rands a month.

Yes, this type of cover is limited. So if you cause a car accident, then the insurance company will cover the damages incurred by other people, not you.

But there is a good reason for getting Third Party only cover. And that’s even if you are set against Comprehensive or Full Cover. Consider the following scenario:

Car Insurance for the Holidays

A Good Reason to Get Car Insurance for the Holidays

Say you are travelling happily down the M1 with your spouse and kids in the car. You are distracted for a moment, and when you next look to the front, you have already rear-ended into an expensive BMW.

Already that is a downer.

But imagine if you then pull to the side of the road behind the damaged BMW, where you have to announce to the irate BMW driver that you have no car insurance whatsoever. He could care less because you are going to pay for the damage to his vehicle out of your own pocket.

So you have a choice: pay up the R10 000 or more, or duck and dive for the rest of your days to avoid compensating the BMW owner for the damage.

You’d be regretting that you did not spend R200 for car insurance for the holidays!

There is a Solution

Complete and send the form on this page. It’s just a matter of adding your details then hitting the Get a Quote button. We will be in touch soon to discuss affordable car insurance for your holiday.

Don’t hesitate. Get a quote now!

All info was correct at time of publishing November 28, 2018