Santam is among the top car insurance providers in South Africa

Santam car insurance is simply the best no matter what you drive. Here are some of the reasons:

  • Santam is a well-established insurer
  • It has a reputation for paying claims with no fuss
  • You choose the amount of cover you need
  • Extras include any emergency payments required by local authorities
  • Emergency accommodation where and when required

Today, you need to look at protecting your most valuable asset – your vehicle. Think about it for a second, how would you cope if something went wrong with your car? There are a lot of things that can go wrong. Your vehicle is a target for thieves but, unfortunately, the risks don’t stop there.

Santam car insurance is simply the best

You also need to consider the risk of being involved in an accident – even when you are not at fault. You should also take the countries poor road care into account.

Factor in the crime rate and the increasingly violent numbers of service delivery protests and car insurance moves to the category of essential.

Santam car Insurance is Simply the Best – Here are Some cover Options 

There are three basic levels when it comes to cover.

  • Third-Party Only: The cheapest but very limited. It covers you for liability in terms of the repairs to the vehicles of another party if you cause an accident. You are responsible for your repairs and the cover does exclude personal liability insurance.
  • Third-Party Fire and Theft: Covers you if your car is stolen or destroyed as a result of a fire, explosion, lightning or attempted theft.
  • Comprehensive: Is more expensive but you get complete cover plus a lot of other benefits.

Comprehensive cover Entitles you to:

  • Replace your vehicle if it is destroyed or stolen
  • Getting replacements for keys, remote controls, and locks.
  • Recovery costs if the vehicle is found after a hijacking or theft
  • Lodging that may be required due to the loss of your vehicle
  • Emergency fees charged to local authorities
  • Treatment for trauma if required

Optional extras for Comprehensive insurance

  • With a 4×4, you can choose extra cover related to these vehicles, for example, when winching becomes necessary. You also have a greater allowance when it comes to emergency repairs. Repatriation costs of the vehicle are included plus vehicle hire.
  • If you have a luxury vehicle, you can get extra cover to replace lost keys. You can have the costs of towing covered and have the vehicle safeguarded if it has broken down.
  • It is possible to waive basic excesses.
  • You are able to extend cover to your trailer or caravan and their contents as well.

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All info was correct at time of publishing January 22, 2019