Woolworths Supplies Value for Money Vehicle Cover

You may know Woolworths as a place to buy tasteful fashion, but did you know they also offer a variety of insurance products?

Especially for car owners, Woolworths has some car insurance options designed to suit different needs and income levels.

The firm offers the three standard categories of vehicle insurance that you will find on the market today:

Woolworths Vehicle Cover Options

Third Party Only – the most basic and affordable insurance that covers you if you cause an accident. In the event of damage to their cars or property, the third party can claim compensation.

This policy also covers those who suffer bodily harm and require medical treatment. However, you must pay for any damage to your car.

Third Party fire and theft – A hijacked or stolen car ensures you receive a replacement vehicle. This policy also protects you should fire destroy or damage your car.

Woolworth’s third-party, fire and theft cover will also pay for towing to the nearest mechanic if it is in an accident and you cannot drive it away from the scene. The towing company must be on the Woolworths list though.

Comprehensive Option

Comprehensive Cover: If you are in a position to afford the monthly premiums, this is the best Woolworths cover for you. It covers most of the eventualities that can happen to you while using your vehicle. Should fire destroy your car or someone steal it, Woolworths will replace it for you.

Woolworths Financial Services Car Insurance

The policy will cover any damage to other people’s property while in use. Woolworths will pay for repairs to your car if damage occurs in the accident.

Even if you were not the one driving the car at the time, the driver would receive treatment under this cover. Additional expenses such as towing and storing your car after an accident will be charged to your Woolworths policy. If you need a replacement car to use meanwhile, Woolworths will hire a car for you.

Additional car insurance benefits

You can beef up your Woolworths car insurance policy by asking for additional benefits such as the car insurance sound system cover. That will ensure that if your car is stolen or wrecked in an accident and the sound system rendered unusable, you will get a replacement.

Woolworths Insurance offers many other kinds of insurance besides car insurance; you can get insurance policies for your house and the property inside it as well as for your cell phone. You can get quotes for all these insurance products online from the Woolworths insurance website.

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All info was correct at time of publishing November 10, 2018