Find out about car insurance bonus options offered to motorists.

In the shrinking car insurance market a car insurance bonus features strongly in the latest offers from insurers.

The AA stats show that up to 70% of the 11.4 million registered cars on our roads are uninsured. Add to that, there are over 800 000 cars that are not registered and not roadworthy.

It’s no wonder people don’t know which company to use. South Africa’s short-term insurance industry is in a fist fight for survival.

A list of Car insurance Bonus offers From worried Insurers-

Car insurance BonusOUTsurance claim that their cover gives drivers more than they really need! Their benefits include a fixed excess, premiums guaranteed for 12 months, and fast claims settlements.

The biggest carrot on offer is their cash OUTbonus. The firm says it will pay back 10% of premiums after a three-year claim free period. They also offers a R400 cash reward if they can’t beat a client’s current premium. And double that to R800 after a three-year claim-free period.

The SmartDrive plan gathers info via a smartphone app to reward driving habits. Drivers earn a discount of up to 25% on car fees. This reward starts 30 days from the date of the policy.

More Car insurance Bonus offers –

King Price have a bonus in the form of less monthly fees based on the decreasing value of your car. They say it “wouldn’t feel good about pushing up fees to give you some of your own money back if you don’t claim”.

Dial Direct use “the carrot method” to attract customers. Get comprehensive insurance from them, download their app and earn up to 75% cash-back on your premiums for good driving habits.

The Payback Bonus plan is included in the policy and offers cash back of up to 25% of premiums after four years cover, even if you have lodged claims.

Discovery offer drivers a number of rewards in return for their business. These include 50% pay-back on monthly fuel, 25% discount on Uber and 30 days car hire. No excess payments for hail damage or third-party claims, and access to their ImpactAlert service for accident assistance.

These are just a few examples of what you can get in the form of a bonus by doing business with them. Think carefully, do your homework and enjoy the ride.

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All info was correct at time of publishing December 10, 2017