Outsurance Contact Number

    October 25, 2018

    The Outsurance contact number should be on your mobile as Outsurance is one of the most notable names in the South African insurance landscape.

    It offers a variety of insurance products including life insurance, business insurance, building and contents cover and car insurance.

    Besides competitively priced products tailored to meet unique individual, family and business needs, they have many enticing offers.

    Many people have opted to take their motor insurance with Outsurance because of their cash OUTbonus and free roadside assistance.

    The Outsurance contact Number is as Important as 911

    Outsurance policyholders are guaranteed first class service and transparency in their contract. The last thing they can expect is to be surprised with some hidden charges after beginning their policy.

    Outsurance’s key claim is they offer the cheapest car insurance in the country and help policyholders lower their monthly premiums. By fine tuning specific details they reduce the amount of risk associated with them and your car, hence lower contributions.

    Outsurance contact numberSome of these specifics include the colour of your car, completion of advanced driving courses, where you park, your occupation and whether you use the car for business or personal use.

    In this way, Outsurance lowers your premiums while catering for your specific needs.

    Benefits you won’t Find with any other Insurer

    Outsurance offers a combination of value and cost savings that most people dream of. So confident are Outsurance in the quality and pricing of their products that they offer to pay R400 cash to anyone if they cannot beat their current car insurance quote.

    If you don’t make any claims for three years, they will even pay you a cash bonus.

    Another aspect about Outsurance that draws in many South Africans is how easy it is to get a quote and sign up. Immediately you log on you will find a ‘Start a quote’ button.

    Click on it and a form appears asking for your details. Once you submit the form, they will send you a quote. Alternatively, you could call 08 600 60 000 or visit their offices at 1241 Embankment Rd in Pretoria.

    Request your car insurance quote here. Please complete and submit the short form on this page. Then sit back and wait for your personal quote.

    All info was correct at time of publishing