Scratch And Dent Insurance From Budget

Budget understands the horror you feel when you arrive at your car to find a scratch and dent etched into the shiny paintwork.

A dent that wasn’t there earlier can leave you in utter despair.

In these days of cramped parking lots as well as townhouse and apartment living, this happens daily.

Row upon row of narrow parking bays, children with nowhere else to play, and shopping trolleys left to their own devices make it almost impossible not to pick up a dent or scratch fairly regularly.

Budget Takes care Of all the Little Things Too

Scratch and Dent InsuranceHaving  comprehensive insurance for your vehicles will be small consolation. In all probability you will lose your no-claim bonus, and have your premiums increased as well.

Budget has come up with an excellent insurance, ideal for these minor mishaps.

You will be able to  leave your comprehensive insurance intact, and can immediately get your car back into pristine condition with their affordable cover. This insurance can stand alone, but is best when it complements your regular comprehensive insurance.

Scratch and Dent from R79 per month

  • limits you to R3 000 per claim
  • there is an excess of R400 per claim
  • it will not affect your no-claim bonus
  • there is no limit to the amount of times you may claim.
  • 3 year guarantee on repairs
  • telephonic claims are acceptable
  • automatically adds the additional benefit of Licence Protect Plus


Scratch and Dent Plus from R99 per month

  • limits you to R5 000 per claim
  • excess is R600 per claim
  • no limit to how often you may claim
  • 3 year guarantee on all repairs
  • you may claim telephonically
  • will not affect your no-claim bonus
  • automatically adds the benefit of Licence Protect Plus

Licence Protect Plus

  •     takes the nuisance out of remembering to renew your licence
  •     sends you notification of renewal
  •     arranges with you to make the payment
  •     also delivers your licence to your door


More Details of the Scratch and Dent Plan

  • you are covered from the time you make your first payment, but may not claim in the first 30 days
  • you may not take out this insurance if your car is older than 30 years
  • the policy must be taken out in the name of the registered owner
  • replacing a body panel or part, is not part of this insurance
  • inform Budget immediately of the incident, and submit the claim within 30 days
  • pre-existing damage is not covered
  • this is affordable cover, well within the tight budgets of most people
  • covers the cost of these unexpected minor scratches and dents, enabling you to have them attended to when they happen. This will also prevent rust and corrosion making these small scratches turn into ugly imperfections.

With Scratch and Dent insurance, pride in your expensive car can continue. You have peace of mind knowing that these small incidences will not affect  your regular insurance, or your pocket.

Scratch and Dent Insurance from Budget is the way to go. For peace of mind, whether driving or parked, whether at home, work or the supermarket, contact them today.


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All info was correct at time of publishing February 6, 2021