Comparing Car Insurance Quotes Using Hippo

Since 2007 has been in the business of making life easier for South Africans, specifically in comparing car insurance quotes. Thanks to this site you no longer have to spend hours making calls or visiting the offices of insurance providers comparing car insurance quotes.

Research also shows that Hippo has helped many save thousands of Rands on insurance premiums for their vehicle, home, health, business and life insurance. Hippo is not a broker. Once they have located the provider best suited to your needs and budget, they step aside and let you communicate directly with them. Therefore, you can be sure that the quote you’re getting does not include a markup and that you’re getting the best deal.

Comparing Car Insurance Quotes

Owning a non-insured car is a huge risk. Imagine if you got involved in an accident: how would you cater for the repairs? You can give yourself the peace of mind of having the cost of repairs provided for fully without you having to reach into your pocket. Just sign up for motor insurance.

There are many car insurance providers, though, and it ‘s hard to choose the best product – the cover that will offer the best value for money. So Hippo steps in. They help you by comparing car insurance quotes in one place and get a quote that best suits your needs.

How It Works

So how does this work? It is very simple: just fill the online form on entering your car’s particulars. These details include its year of manufacture, its make, model and a brief description. You will also need to enter some details about yourself or the driver of the car. Information required includes the type of license you/they hold and when you got it. There is an area on the form that will require you to select the type of insurance you want as well. After this, you will be guided to another form that will require you to submit some personal details. Here you must give your full names, your ID number as well as your contact information. At this stage, you can also choose to receive email notifications from Hippo. After you complete the process, you will get a quote via email.

Comparing Car Insurance Quotes

You can also get the quote directly by phone if you wish. You can enter your phone number in the field provided and request Hippo to call you. Or you can call the number provided on the site for a free quote.  Hippo offers a free service for you when you are searching for insurance. So you need not fear any commissions or hidden fees. The charges go to the insurance firms that have partnered with Hippo. These companies are some of the leaders in the insurance field. Hippo claims to have “carefully selected” them to ensure that you get “the best deal”. They also say that they are looking to expand this list of approved partners.

To request your car insurance quote, please complete and submit the form on this page

All info was correct at time of publishing October 15, 2018