Warranty Products From Unitrans

After buying your car, you quickly realise that it brings two primary responsibilities (and your wallet). Keeping it fueled and kept it in good condition. Warranty products would be ideal for some peace of mind.

Keeping the second charge is easy if you bought your car straight from the showroom and it’s under a manufacturer’s warranty. But what happens when that warranty expires? Most warranties will run for 2-3 years or a prescribed mileage. That is where other warranty products come in.

You can shoulder the cost of subsequent vehicle service yourself, or you could sign up for a service warranty/plan.

Such a plan will let you pay a fixed amount at the end of every month in exchange and get your car serviced or repaired any time without you having to pay at the point of service.

Warranty productsSuch warranties will usually cover the replacement of major components such as the engine, fuel system, steering, and gearbox. However, different kinds of warranty will cater for various types of parts.

Some will provide for damages to the body. But most won’t cover the replacement of minor parts such as brake pads and wheel bearings. Some service plans don’t cover wear and tear.

Most of all, One of the more reputable companies offering South African car owners service plans is Unitrans Insurance. This short-term insurance firm is a subsidiary of JD Group Limited.

Unitrans Warranty Products

Unitrans offers a range of warranties, some unique to the type of automobile, others to certain vehicle manufacturers. They are here below:

  • Unitrans Autocare Warranty
  • Utility Warranty
  • Truck Warranty
  • Taxi Warranty
  • G2 Warranty (with General Motors)
  • VW Master Cars Warranty
  • Toyota Automark Warranty


Each of these products has its individual terms and conditions as well as its unique benefits. These products also offer roadside assistance.

These will become when you’re stuck on the highway. Also, you can get a vehicle to use if yours is in the shop or free accommodation if you’re far from home.

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All info was correct at time of publishing November 30, 2018