What Is an Insurance Assessor?

    October 24, 2018

    Generally, clients do not know what an insurance assessor does because they usually meet them after an accident or in the event of an insurance claim. These individuals play a crucial role in processing insurance claims and so it’s vital to understand what makes them so vital.

    Two Types of Assessor

    1. Some work for an external company which outsources itself to insurance businesses and brokers.
    2. Some work for insurance companies.

    Which option is the ideal?

    An insurance assessor assesses the damage and does the risk appraisal. The claims assessor will focus on the situation; what, here, when and how and will determine coverage and repair/replacement costs. The assessor can also offer risk management advice after the claim.

    An insurance assessor can get formal qualifications, but a lot of content is learned while on the job.  Each assessor’s proficiency depends on his field of expertise. Therefore someone who knows the industry will cover car assessments because of their extensive knowledge.

    Car Insurance Assessor

    Also, there will be a focus on the assessor’s previous performance and service delivery, which must be in line with expectations, such as appearance, time management and communication.

    Number of Assessors

    Insurance companies’ number of assessors depend on their size and visibility in the market because they need to stay ahead in terms of assessing quality and service delivery.

    There is a panel of assessors for different categories, including home, household business and vehicle insurance. Each has their own niche and they are further trained to ensure that customers get the best service.

    Insurance companies hire assessors who understand the process, communicate easily and work accordingly. Individuals who look beyond the obvious, go the extra mile, probe and ask questions are  excellent assessors.

    Communication finesse and excellent people skills is a must for someone in the industry. Assessors never take anything to heart and are happy for anyone to look at their findings for a second opinion if the client should request it.


    All in all, insurance assessors are objective and will aid in truthful assessments when it comes to your vehicle.

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