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  • The best quotes
  • The most affordable premiums
  • Time and money saving response
  • Specialist advice and guidance
  • FREE quotes service


InsurAcar has many experienced people ready to help you. They stay in touch with car insurance firms daily and know exactly who have special deals, discounts, promotions or new products available. All you need to do is supply a few personal details. What level of cover you need, age, driving experience and so on.

Get the Best quotes from InsurAcar

The Insuracar website provides consumers with the best possible quotes to meet their requirements. They deal with a wide range of companies, giving consumers flexible options, prices and benefits.

Get the Best rates

InsurAcar strives to provide visitors to its website with the most affordable premiums on the South African car insurance market.

InsurAcarSave time and money

The South African vehicle insurance industry is vast, offering motorists a wide selection of companies from which to choose. Searching each site individually can take hours, but with the InsurAcar FREE quote website, consumers will save themselves valuable time and money.

Searching each site individually can take hours, but with the InsurAcar FREE quote website, consumers will save themselves valuable time and money.

Specialist advice from InsurAcar

The company’s experienced agents handle vehicle insurance on a daily basis. They are knowledgeable about all promotions and special discounts offered by the variety of South African insurance companies.

They are therefore well qualified to offer motorists specialist advice and guidance on the best possible deals available on the market.

InsurAcar FREE quotes

InsurAcar’s service is not only FREE, visitors to the site are NOT UNDER ANY OBLIGATION to accept a quote if they so choose.

All they need from you is a few personal details to know what type of policy you are after. With this information, they can start looking for the best cover and quotes for you.

Vehicle insurance overview

Vehicle insurance is a short-term policy that covers:

  • Damages caused by road accidents
  • Bodily harm
  • Third party liability
  • Protection against fire, theft and hijacking


The advantages of Insurance are far Reaching, financially and Stresswise

Depending on the type of insurance selected, you can also:

  • Rent a vehicle while your is in a garage for repairs
  • Cover towing costs to a repair shop after an accident


How are Premiums decided?

Various factors are taken into account when asking for a quote. These include:

  • The type of policy you select
  • Your age and the number of years you have been driving
  • Your gender – generally females pay less than males
  • Marital status – research has shown that married couples are involved in fewer accidents than single people
  • Your driving record
  • The type of car you drive – faster cars have higher risks
  • Your profession – Sales reps, for example, will pay more because of the time they spend on the road
  • Distances travelled – this could play a big role when selecting a pay-as-you-drive policy
  • Your credit rating


How do I find the best online quotes?

Save time and save money by researching vehicle insurance online from a recognised vehicle insurance online quote provider like InsurAcar. They offer this service FREE of charge and with NO OBLIGATION whatsoever.

Once you complete and submit your details on the form provided on the Insuracar website, a qualified broker will contact you with the best possible deals available in South Africa today.=

All info was correct at time of publishing January 26, 2019