MiWay Reviews for South African Car Owners

What Makes Miway Reviews Mainly Positive?

  1. They offer lots of insurance options ‘under one roof’
  2. Miway has made things a lot easier and convenient with their ‘app’
  3. They have simplified the claims process
  4. They offer their MiXpress – a portal to manage your insurance portfolio online
  5. Miway is open with their clients – see their ‘comments’ page
  6. They welcome opportunities to ‘fix’ all their mistakes

As a financial services company, MiWay is a direct short-term insurer. Indeed, they offer their customers household, motor, homeowners, liability and business cover. However, the focus of the insurer is to offer their customers value-for-money products and the convenience of investing in insurance online.

A Host of Useful Miway Features

  • Everybody who has insurance hates the claims process as it tends to be time-consuming. Miway has made this process as simple and stress-free as possible.
  • They have made extensive use of technology to simplify all their insurance processes. That allows customers to submit claims making use of MiXpress. This is Miway’s self-service portal, allowing customers to manage their entire insurance portfolio online. Simply select the  ‘Lodge a Claim’ menu item to lodge your claim.
  • Miway have also made provision for an app, which features a step-by-step tool prompting policyholders to make use of their smartphone to take pictures of the accident scene and submit them together with the claim. With this app, you can update your details and amend your policy without speaking to an agent on the phone.


Who is Miway?

They are a direct short-term insurer and a financial services company. As such, Miway’ focus is on offering value-Miway Reviewsfor-money products where everything can be done conveniently online.

If customers have anything to say – complaint or compliment – they have a dedicated page on their website for that. Here clients can make comments about the services they receive from Miway.

They make use of this in-store sounding board to see where they can improve their services. Also, take a look at HelloPeter, South Africa’s top review company. There you’ll see that the majority of customers say they like the services they’ve received from Miway.

There are always people who just love to complain full stop. However, when Miway receives negative feedback, by way of emails, text messages, phone, Facebook, on their own website or on HelloPeter, their first job is to pacify the customer and to sort out any problems they can. It’s why they’re such a sought after short-term insurer.

With Miway Reviews the Compliments Outweigh the Negatives

MiWay tries to live up to its promise of excellent service and when you look at independent consumer websites you’ll see from the Miway reviews that they have far more compliments coming their way then complaints.

The insurer knows that insurance is a grudge purchase and they believe that it is critical to provide brilliant customer services. Positive feedback is what Miway wants but they welcome negative comments too and say its an opportunity for them to fix the problem.

MiWay is one insurer who says they are accountable for their actions, and they make use of customer comments on their website to identify areas where it can improve its services and products.

They allow these comments on their website because they are committed to having a transparent, open relationship with their customers, and it’s this openness that makes them one of South Africa’s leading insurance providers.

Call Miway today or fill in their online request for a quote – it’s your chance to see if they live up to their excellent reviews.

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All info was correct at time of publishing February 9, 2019