Have you ever had bad thoughts about your car?

We look at some worst case “What if?” scenarios you might come across as a car owner.

Like finding your keys locked in the car.

A smashed window.

Dented, scratched or damaged bodywork.

A break in or slashed tyres.

What about striking mobs stoning you?

When this happens, where do you stand?

Does your insurance cover you for these events?

WHAT IF I lock my keys in the car and smash the window to get them out?

What ifThe deliberate breaking of a window would not qualify as ˜accidental” damage.

Unless you have more extensive cover, insurance won’t pay. Such as an All Risks optional keys and locks cover.

This would include the cost of calling out a locksmith, so there was no need to break the window in the first place.

WHAT IF someone bashed into my car in the parking lot?

If the offender has left a note, contact them to sort the matter out with their insurance. Should they not have insurance you can agree on a cash payment with them. If you have Comprehensive cover your insurer pays. A Third Party Only or limited cover means you have to pay.

WHAT IF my car gets broken into when parked in a rough part of town?

Provided you had taken reasonable precautions to prevent loss or damage by locking doors and hiding valuable items, then the location of the break-in will not affect your insurance cover.

WHAT IF someone slashes my tyres?

An All Risks policy will cover the damage but not a Third Party Only.

WHAT IF I am caught up in a mob of angry strikers who trash my car?

If the strike is politically motivated, SASRIA cover will cover it. SASRIA is a special risks insurer that covers damages arising from civil unrest, terrorism and labour action (strikes, lockouts, etc.)

Part of your monthly premium to your insurer will go to SASRIA to enable this payment. Get Car insurance quotes online now.

Nicole Canning spoke to Santam to clarify some of these grey areas. In most cases, it depends on the type of cover you have. Be sure to check what your status is, just in case!

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All info was correct at time of publishing December 8, 2018