Unitrans Car Insurance Explained

If you’re shopping for car insurance in South Africa, there are many providers available. One of the firms you should seriously consider is Unitrans, a fully licensed short-term insurance company. It is a part of JD Group Limited, a company registered in the Johannesburg Securities Exchange.

You can rest assured that you’re dealing with a stable, viable provider with Unitrans. Not only is it an Authorised Financial Service Provider, but it is also a member of the South African Insurance Association.

Unitrans deals with motor insurance and other kinds of insurance products. However, when it comes to cover for vehicles, there is virtually no base Unitrans does not cover. Here are the various types of motor insurance they offer:


Unitrans Warranties


This class of auto insurance products offers car owners a reprieve from shouldering the burden of car repairs from their pockets. The cover applies when the vehicle suffers a major breakdown.

Many car owners will remember a moment when their vehicle suffered a major fault, and they didn’t have cash to spare for replacing parts or doing repairs. With a warranty from Unitrans, you will be able to finance repairs for major car components such as the engine, gearbox, drive shaft and braking system.

The extent to which the warranty caters for your vehicle repairs will depend on which warranty you have. You can opt for one of several:

  • Unitrans Autocare Warranty
  • Toyota Automark Warranty
  • G2 Warranty
  • VW Mastercars Warranty
  • Utility Warranty
  • Taxi Warranty and
  • Truck Warranty.

While some of these will cater for parts replacement during maintenance or service, others will not. But most of them will provide for towing expenses and a rental vehicle for your use in the meantime.


Bodyline Maintenance Plan


Unitrans Vehicle Insurance ProductsThis kind of car insurance plan also covers repairs but is mainly focused on the body of the vehicle.

As a subscriber to this programme, you can finance the repair of minor dents and scratches as well as chips on the paintwork.

This plan will also cater for windscreen damage, as well as replace tyres or rims. If the repairs to your car take more than a day, the plan will provide a rental vehicle.

The attraction of this scheme is that it allows you to restore the looks of your car without going back into your pocket. And without claiming from your primary policy, meaning you can still keep your no-claim bonus.


Tyre and Rim Protection Plan


Unlike the Bodyline Maintenance Plan, this policy focuses on repairing and replacing tyres and rims. The beauty of this package is that you get compensation  regardless of the distance you have already done on the tires.

Depending on the option you choose you will be in line for benefits ranging from R4,000 to R10,000. On top of this, the Tyre and Rim Protection Plan offers flat tyre assistance, towing and message relay services.

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All info was correct at time of publishing October 17, 2018