Santam Offers Top Level Car Insurance

Santam is a trusted short-term insurance company. This company, founded in 1918, offers a broad range of products, including some motor insurance packages. Their main aim is to ensure that South Africans and South African firms get value for their money.

So many operators in healthcare, tourism and other sectors of the economy use Santam. The company supplies comprehensive, third-party, fire and theft and third party only vehicle insurance covers. Whether you need cover for an individual saloon car, your town commute scooter or a commercial trailer, Santam can cater to your needs. Below are the kinds of car insurance policies they offer:

Third Party Only

Santam Car Insurance

Third-party is an essential type of car insurance, and it only comes into effect when your vehicle has caused damage to another person’s property or injured another party. But what if you have an injury as a result of the accident? You will not get compensation as a Third-Party-Only policyholder, and this is why Santam recommends that you add a personal accident policy to your cover.

Santam will take care of your accident treatment. In the unfortunate event that you die in the crash, your survivors will get a lump sum. The amount will vary depending on which package you choose. It goes without say that Santam pays out a larger payout if your monthly premiums are high. But the compensation offered by Santam ranges between R50,000 and R5 million.

Third Party, Fire and Theft

As you have seen from the explanation above, Third Party cover is quite limited. A Third Party, Fire and Theft cover offers a bit more protection. So you will get a payout if you lose your car to a fire or if someone steals it. If your car causes damage or injury to a third party, you will also not need to go into your pocket to compensate the affected party; Santam will pick the tab. However, you still won’t get a payout for the damage your car suffers in an accident.

Additional Benefits

Still, a Santam car insurance cover comes with great extras. For instance, there is the 4×4 cover, which will be of interest to avid off-roaders. With this cover, you will get assistance whenever and wherever your 4×4 monster breaks down. You won’t need to worry about the expenses involved in transporting the vehicle if it cannot move, and restoring it to tip-top condition.

Another great additional service is the Home Drive Assistance feature. With this service, you get someone to drive you home in the event you have had one too many and fear getting slapped with a DUI charge.

Other Personal Insurance Products by Santam

On top of these types of car insurance, Santam offers home insurance. You can take advantage of their products. Cover your home and all its content against theft or destruction.

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All info was correct at time of publishing October 26, 2018