About Car Insurance Quotes

Our goal is to put you in touch with the leading car insurance companies in South Africa. Our approach is twofold:

  1. Browse the site to get an interesting overview of the range of car insurance companies and types of vehicle cover in South Africa
  2. Complete the form on the page to get a quote online. You can also contact individual companies via the ads and banners on the pages.

The idea about Car Insurance Quotes is to ensure that you end up with the very best car insurance money can buy.

We launched late in 2014. Since then we have been adding car insurance-related articles regularly. We continually update the site. So rest assured that this is the most current car insurance information available from different insurers. We hope to make this the go-to resource for anyone wanting to insure cars, SUVs, bikes, bakkies, trucks trailers and caravans.

More About Car Insurance Quotes

To ensure our neutrality we do not sell anything at all. Nor do we promote any company in particular. Information is our game.

Car-InsurancAbout Use-Quotes is an “information only” website. Ultimately you will have to get in touch with the companies advertised here. Or simply complete the short form and hit the submit button to get a quote.

To contact us, email us: admin@car-insurance-quotes.co.za

All info was correct at time of publishing August 6, 2018