How To Choose A Car Insurer

Everybody who drives a car, wants to know that their car insurer has customised their cover according to their needs.

Every South African knows that nothing in life is sure, and that accidents, theft and crime are more frequent occurrences here than elsewhere.

It is worth it to pay a relatively small monthly premium for protection against the many unforeseen events that are happening every minute of every day.

South Africa has many insurance companies, and the task of identifying the best insurance company is made easy by insurance comparison sites which give details on pricing, quality of product, claims process and pay-out frequency and much more.

Different Factors Determine what and Who You Choose

Car InsurerHow to choose a reliable car insurer will be determined by a host of factors. What about reliable road-side assistance when you’re stuck along a lonely road? What kind of insurance does an old person need with an even older car?

Identify your needs and look at some of the well known insurance companies in South Africa – they each have different options, and you can compare and choose the one that fits your lifestyle.

Who Gives the Best Deal?

Boring though it may seem to you, it is a good idea to give your policy a good once-over just to see if you can get a better deal. For instance Outsurance tell you that they offer the best vehicle insurance rates in the world.

They say that if they can’t beat the rates you get from your current car insurance company, they will pay you a sum of R400. Their premiums also remain the same throughout the year and if you don’t claim for a certain period you get 10% of your premium back.

You don’t want to be in an accident and then discover that your low-cost policy doesn’t provide the cover you need. If you’re held liable in a car accident and have the most minimum insurance, you may find yourself being held responsible for paying the other driver’s damages.

Like any kind of insurance, you need to do a cost-benefit analysis to see if your low cost car insurance is going to do it for you.

Good Customer Care is also Important

Which insurance company will give you the best service? Determine what coverage you’re looking for in a car insurance company, because you may get the coverage you want, but what about customer services, reputation and the insurance company’s financial standing?

In South Africa you have many good car insurance companies – Outsurance, Prime Meridian, MiWay, Hollard, Momentum, Auto and General and others. There are also many car insurance compare sites which provide you with honest reviews about insurance companies and which even collect information during the course of a year about what says about these companies.

How do Customers Rate their Car Insurer?

These sites provide a good indication of which insurance companies will offer a good service and whether their staff are courteous, helpful and proficient.

Their final results are based on the insurer’s overall rating in certain categories and points and their highest percentage of complimentary customer reviews.

The research into the best car insurer takes into account both overall complaints and compliments received from customers.

What kind of car insurer appeals to you?

  • The one who pays out exactly when they need to?
  • The one with the lowest premiums?
  • The one who is always accessible when you call- and need them?

Compare at least 4 car insurance companies and choose the one that can offer you the most peace of mind with the budget you have.

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All info was correct at time of publishing October 6, 2018