Roadside Assistance and Car Insurance

It can be your worst nightmare come true when your car comes to a standstill in the middle of nowhere.

In South Africa, it could mean that someone ransacked your car and stuffed you into the boot. Or your car could break down in the morning rush hour, leaving you late for an important meeting.

There are some roadside assistance service providers in South Africa such as Crisis on Call, the AA, Outsurance, AIG and Auto General among others. Auto General are an authorised financial services provider who realises that there are situations where you can’t afford to wait – you need rapid roadside emergency solutions. Auto General offers their clients:

Roadside Assistance

  • Accident Assistance
  • Breakdown Assistance

Breakdown assistance includes

  • towing you to the nearest dealer
  • 72 hours free storage after towing
  • mechanic referral
  • courtesy transport
  • free delivery of 10 litres of petrol
  • cover for the call out fee as well as an hour’s labour. That will usually be for the locksmith for when your keys are locked in your car.  Also, one hour’s labour when you have a flat battery or flat tyre
  • if your car breaks down more than 100km away from your home, and your vehicle requires towing, Auto General will pay up to R500 for courtesy transport. They’ll also cover hotel accommodation if the need arises.

Place your official Auto & General Towline sticker on your vehicle. You’ll need this to ensure the number is always readily available to you. The number is 0860 10 42 10. Without this sticker or without calling Auto General immediately after an accident, your vehicle could be towed away by the wrong people. You will then be responsible for trying to get your car back.

Roadside Assistance from King Price

King Price Insurance has many happy clients. They won the best Short-Term Insurer award at the South African Service Awards. King Price treat their customers like royalty and have them covered 24/7. They want you to save their emergency assist number – 0860 50 50 50.

Their comprehensive car insurance clients qualify for emergency roadside assistance within SA borders. This support is limited to 3 incidents per year.

  • The Kings towing operators will tow your car to a safe place.
  • The policy covers labour involved with changing your flat tyre
  • You’ll receive 10 litres of  petrol
  • A locksmith will be on their way to you if you’ve locked your keys inside your car – you have cover for the first hour’s labour
  • They arrange accommodation for you for the night in certain circumstances.

Roadside assistance is a must-have for any South African using the roads regularly. There are numerous ways to get roadside assistance, and most times you get it just by investing in a new car.

Check out with your insurance company as most insurers do offer road assistance. There are so many providers that you don’t want to be overlapping coverage and paying more than you need, even for such important coverage.

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All info was correct at time of publishing November 11, 2018