Top Places To Get Car Insurance in South Africa

The Top Places To Get Car Insurance

  • Automobile Association and Outsurance
  • Top rated for prompt claims payments
  • Top rated by users for customer service

Choosing car insurance can be a lottery.

Remember that the rest is not necessarily the best.

Rather select a reputable top ranked insurance provider than an obscure or little-known company with no proven track record.

So, before starting a search for car insurance, first take a look at which companies are tops in South Africa.

Who is the top “big” company?

Top Places To Get Car InsuranceDiscovery Insure was placed as the number one “big” company insurance provider, while South Africa’s household name, Automobile Association, took the top spot in the “small” company category.

The car market information site took a look at the most recognised car insurance companies in South Africa and divided them into two categories – based on size.

Discovery is the winner in the “big” company category, with Outsurance in the runner-up position. The third was MiWay.

Who is the top “small” company? – Top Places To Get Car Insurance

In the “small” company category, AA Insurance was named the winner, with Momentum as the runner-up. The third was Alexander Forbes.

A complaints ratio was used to assess the performance of the companies.

Complaints are in five categories:

  1. Billing/Accounts
  2. Repairs/Servicing
  3. Feedback/Response
  4. Call centre
  5. Breach of contract

A points system was then created to establish the best company, based on the least number of complaints.

Two other key factors were also taken into consideration:

  1. Where were the most complaints
  2. Which issues were the most critical to customers

Companies with the lowest number of complaints received a maximum of five points in each category. also took positive reviews and compliments into consideration.

Companies with the highest number of compliments got 10 points.

These points too were in descending order.

Compliments – Top Places To Get Car Insurance

Results of the top five companies in the Compliments category were as follows:

  1. Miway with 86%
  2. Discovery with 74%
  3. Momentum with 66%
  4. AA Insurance with 63%
  5. Outsurance with 61%


Results of the five top companies in the Complaints category were as follows:

  1. AIG, Hollard and Regent with 91%
  2. FNB Insurance Brokers with 90%
  3. Sanlam with 89%
  4. Mutual & Federal, Santam with 87%
  5. PPS with 84%

Conclusion – Top Places To Get Car Insurance

It is always wise to do your homework before making a decision on which insurance provider to choose.

Insurance companies have their own websites which enable consumers to research both product and pricing options.

Remember, you always get what you pay for, so choosing the cheapest is not necessarily the wisest decision.

So this article allows you to compare insurance industry provides statistics to help you make an informed decision.

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All info was correct at time of publishing January 17, 2019