A Guide to Car Insurance for South Africa

    October 18, 2018

    A guide to car Insurance for South Africa is essential as insurance can be a complicated matter.

    There are a lot of legal terms few people can fully understand. Unfortunately, insurance is a necessity that all of us need.

    Unlike in most other countries, it is legal to drive an uninsured car. But if you have an accident you could be hundreds of thousands of rands in debt.

    There are three different types of insurance that you can have and within each type, there are several options. These categories are – Third Party Only, Third Party Fire and Theft, and Comprehensive.

    Guide to Car Insurance – Third Party Only insurance

    Guide to car insurance

    Third Party Only is the cheapest insurance, but it does not cover very much.

    As its name implies, third party insurance covers any damage or injuries to any third parties involved in an accident.

    A third party is someone other than you or your passengers injured when an accident occurs. Therefore, the insurance company will not pay you, but they will pay all third party costs.

    Guide to Car Insurance – Third Party Fire and Theft

    This insurance is the same as regular third party insurance as far as payments for accidents are concerned since the insurance will not cover injuries or damages of you or your passengers.

    Neither will it pay for any damage caused to your vehicle by natural causes.

    As it has these additions to the regular third party insurance, it is a little more expensive.

    Guide to Car Insurance – Comprehensive

    The most expensive cover pays for injuries and damages to a third party including costs incurred by you furthermore Comprehensive insurance also covers damage to your car from natural causes and compensates you if your vehicle gets stolen.

    Guide to Car Insurance – Cost

    Between the cheapest and most expensive cover, there are other factors which dictate how much each policy will cost. Some of these factors include the age of the driver and the driving history that they may have.

    Young drivers may have to pay more because of their inexperience, and anyone that has a history of making insurance claims will also pay more. Other factors that determine the premium is the make and age of the car.

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