You Have A Mutual Friend In Mutual and Federal

Mutual and Federal believe that their standard of service and the quality of their insurance products are exceptional. That stems from the expertise of a core of specialised staff. Some of them have been with the company for more than 30 years.

That is why they offer car insurance quotes online South Africa.

This means that they understand both  the product and the client. And they tailor insurance policies to individuals needs.

Mutual and Federal Insurance Policies Come with Over 100 Years Experience Behind Them

Mutual and FederalMutual and Federal is a company that has been around for over one hundred years. They have different categories of insurance for personal insurance, business insurance and insurance for farmers.

Within their personal insurance, or Insurance for People policies, they offer a number of different policies to suit different needs.

Though they do not have a policy specifically for women, they claim to be able to tailor their policies to suit each person’s needs and so have a number of options for women to choose from.

Insurance Features

Mutual and Federal Allsure insurance have a flat first amount payable (excess) option which can be used to reduce monthly insurance premiums, retirees can convert to an excess free option with a small additional insurance premium and selectable excess can be taken on motor, building and household goods insurance to help reduce premiums.

The company can reduce policy premiums by combining household and motor insurance into one rather than insuring each one separately. They also offer the choice to pay annual insurance premiums rather than monthly ones, which will, they say, further reduce your premiums.

Swiftcare with Mutual and Federal’s Allsure

The Allsure insurance policy automatically includes Swiftcare which they believe adds value to your insurance policy. Swiftcare provides emergency medical assistance, roadside assistance, home call out assistance and card protection in case of loss or theft.

Mutual and Federal believe their policies along with these additional benefits will take the stress out of life so you can live it to the full.

Mutual and Federal Vehicle Insurance Quotes South Africa

Vehicle, caravan, bakkie and bike cover are important components of your short term insurance policy. As such Mutual and Federal is well placed to give you competitively priced policies that fit your pocket.

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All info was correct at time of publishing July 1, 2018