Hollard Pay as You Drive Car Insurance

People appreciate the need for car insurance, but many think that it’s too expensive. Hollard pay as you drive solves the expense issue.

Car insurance is not only essential to have when driving a car but is also a legal requirement. But what if you only drive short distances or once or twice a week?

Although some people drive fewer miles than most other car owners, they still pay regular insurance for the whole year. With Hollard pay as you drive, this does not have to be the case.

Hollard pay As you Drive Car Insurance

Hollard pay as you driveHollard is now offering pay as you drive. Insurance which allows you to pay for only the number of miles you drive therefore you pay nothing for the days your car is idle.

Pay as you drive is a new type of insurance which exists due to satellite technology. In the past, it was difficult to administer as how to verify the car mileage.

Hollard pay as You drive Satellite Technology

With the introduction of satellite tracking, Hollard is confident they can track how far your car travels and therefore can offer car owners a cheaper insurance option.

Once a device is placed on your vehicle, Hollard will track how many miles it travels and where it goes. The satellite ensures you only pay for the miles travelled, and the car owner pays no more than is necessary.

Added Advantage of Pay when You drive

A bonus with Pay as you Drive Insurance, police can track a stolen car. This type of insurance not only saves you money but provides peace of mind.

There is no question that car insurance is a necessary cost. If in doubt, just ask someone that was involved in an accident to find out how beneficial it was to be able to make a claim afterwards.

However, there is no need to pay more for insurance than you have to. If you rarely use your car and often wished that there was another option, now there is.

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All info was correct at time of publishing October 19, 2018