What Does a Car Insurance Assessor Do?

In the event of an accident, the majority of people know they have to alert their insurance company and that they will liaise with an assessor managing their claim. Upon lodgment of a claim, a car insurance assessor will further perform an in-depth investigation of the claim.

Warning – car Insurance assessor may record your call

All companies caution clients that calls are recorded for quality purposes. Therefore, clients need to be aware of the risk in providing incorrect or false information.

Car Insurance AssessorAssessors need first to obtain permission from the customer to record their discussion. Clients need to make it very clear to the assessor at the outset of the discussion. Clients must consult an expert, even if it means paying for such services.

The advantage of acquiring expert advice is especially helpful:

  • In complicated claim situations especially about ongoing healthcare and medical bills,
  • To have them follow up on the case on behalf of the client,
  • When possible challenges arise along the way or in settling the claim or
  • For claim settlement negotiations.

Initial Contact – Car Insurance Assessor

The initial assessor contact is to gather all information pertinent to the claim.

By this time the assessor conducts the initial enquiry. Not only would policy details already have been analysed, and the assessor knows the boundaries within which can be operated but the client would have been scrutinised thoroughly.

Assessors do have access to various databases which enables them to:

  • Scrutinise as much non-claim-related details about the insured client as possible.
  • Check the client on the internet, justifying their action as an attempt to:
    (a) Know who they are dealing with and
    (b)   Ascertain whether the client is truthful.

The assessor embarks on this fact-finding mission also with the aim to speedily institute action should another individual be partially of fully responsible for causing the accident. Also investigated upfront is whether medical or other claims will form part of the claim. All of the above also serve as security for both the client and the insurance company against possible fraud.

Medical Permission

In the case of a car accident personal injury claim, the assessors will request the completion of a form permitting them access to the client’s healthcare records. Clients are cautioned unless they don’t mind an assessor approaching their doctor(s) to mine personal healthcare information and documentation.

Follow-up Process

Qualified car damage assessors use top-notch information technology, and they have also undergone extensive training that enables them to provide excellent service. Most insurance companies refer clients to service providers within their group, but clients can also opt to have the required car damage assessment done by another expert assessor.

Further submissions pertain to claims for:

  • Personal injury = medical records/bills,
  • Loss of earnings = income confirmation,
  • Damages = assessments and or accounts for repair.

Claim settlement

As soon as the car insurance assessor is happy that all documentation about the claim is in, a settlement amount is agreed upon, and the client will be told accordingly. Once the client indicates agreement with the offer, the claim is finalised in full and final settlement, and the client will have no further claim against the insurance company.

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All info was correct at time of publishing December 18, 2018