Technology to Stop Vehicle Theft in SA

Flowing from the regulation instituted by South African the National Road Traffic Act, great inroads have been in micro-dotting vehicles. This compulsory ruling applies to all cars manufactured from 1 September 2012 onwards. Additionally, it was that all owners of vehicles with reconditioned engines and vehicles recovered after being stolen, must first obtain a police clearance certificate before having their vehicle micro dotted. This ruling was put in as an attempt to boost the security of vehicles and reduce vehicle theft.

What is Micro Dotting?

Vehicle TheftThis state-of-the-art invention is the process whereby thousands of tiny dots (microdots) have a Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) and is all over a vehicle.

Incredible to note is the fact that 88 different sections of a car have these microdots.

The areas included are the bonnet and boot ribbing. The engine, the subassembly, and the inside of headlight lenses and rims.

The dots are in a bonding agent that incandesces under ultraviolet lighting and are less than one millimetre across.

What are the Benefits of Micro Dotting your vehicle? – Vehicle Theft

To try and recover or view these microdots you would need a special magnifier. First to pinpoint treated zones and to have the dots revealed.

As a vehicle is full of these things, it is impossible to find and remove all of them.

This ingenious development that interconnects all car parts and components to a particular vehicle significantly reduces the capacity of even professional car thieves to conceal the vehicle’s embedded identity.

As such micro-dotting of vehicles is undeniably one of the most efficient and significantly designs of our time, in our unified quest to kerb the scourge of vehicle theft.

Please take note that insurance companies do, however, suggest that a car has an immobiliser for further protection against robbers.

Ingenious Microdot Applications

Besides this technology predominantly benefiting vehicle owners, it has expanded to an array of alternative assets.

It is very successfully to safeguard cattle, boats, household items, jewellery, tools, and now even flora (in overseas municipal gardens), against theft.

Soon it will become commonplace for us to hear or read about this fascinating development, as theft countermeasure, for:

  • The identification and verification of engineered seeds as trace DNA,
  • Validation of university degrees,
  • Textile, engineering, concrete and plastic industries,
  • Rhino horns starting off with rhinos on privately owned farms and
  • Eskom’s copper cables.

Interesting facts

Various industries have reported noteworthy success and consumers who have invested in the affordable do it yourself (DIY) microdot kit.

Included in the DIY kits ranges are options for vehicles to household assets (for usage on a maximum of five objects) which include stickers as a further caution that an asset has micro-dots.


Crime statistics reflect the five most pilfered assets to be computers, notebooks, television sets, music centres and dvds.

Now that you have this cutting-edge information. Why don’t you consider investing in an additional precautionary measure to safeguard not only your vehicle but also some of your other assets?

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All info was correct at time of publishing December 20, 2018