Liability Car Insurance from Santam

It’s bad enough when your car is in an accident. It’s worse when you damage someone else’s car. That is what liability car insurance is all about – it covers damages to another person resulting from an accident you caused. When you start reading up on liability car insurance cover, you discover it’s mostly mandatory in other countries. It’s not compulsory in South Africa, in spite of South Africa having one of the worst accident rate statistics there are.

About Santam

Santam started long ago in South Africa in 1918. Their yellow-umbrella logo is a sign of protection on all those rainy days. The industry you operate in will determine your insurance risk, and Santam identifies every aspect of risk you may face.

Liability Car Insurance

They offer a full range of short-term insurance and are one of the biggest insurance companies in the land. They are a leading general insurer in South Africa, serving more than 1 million policyholders.

Liability Car Insurance From Santam

Liability insurance from Santam will protect you if one of your employees damages your property or causes injury or death to someone on your premises. It could be for millions of rands too. The technical underwriter at Santam says that personal liability insurance covers any form of responsibility to the policyholder.

A typical settlement would include compensation for –

  • Legal costs
  • medical expenses which include rehabilitation costs into the future
  • replacing damaged property
  • loss of income
  • pain and suffering of the injured party
    Personal liability benefits extend beyond what you would expect. Standard cover will insure you for legal representation in a criminal case. The question is, how much liability protection do you need?

Liability Insurance with the Hospitality Industry

South Africa is a touristy country with many B&B and guest house owners. The hospitality industry needs liability insurance, without which a venture can go out of business. It is important that any business in the hospitality industry has access to a specialist insurance company that understands the needs of the industry.
Santam offers a range of insurance products to match business needs and help reduce risks.

The minimum insurance protection relates to –

  • Business interruption because of vandalism in strikes
  • tangible business assets – cover for fire etc
  • legal liability – protecting businesses against 3rd party claims

Each kind of hospitality business is exposed to different types of risk, and it is important to have access to a broker who has hospitality industry experience so that they can tailor insurance according to the business’ risk profile.

For instance, if the business burns down, the insurance policy needs to cover repair costs. If a customer cancels a booking, is the business safe for the cancellation and the return of the deposit? Guest houses aren’t locked during the day. So does the policy include cover beyond entry when the premises are not open at night? South Africa has plenty of load shedding so are the facilities and the equipment protected from the damages caused by power surges?

Be Safe, Be Protected

So when you’re in business, you need liability insurance, as it will cover you financially when someone is safe on your premises. Also, with liability insurance from Santam, you can have a secure financial base for your business and total peace of mind.

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All info was correct at time of publishing December 12, 2018