Mechanical breakdown Insurance gets your family off to a good start.

What a blow it can be when you’re all packed and ready to go on holiday, but your car breaks down! Mechanical breakdown Insurance can solve that without breaking into your holiday finance.

The Automobile Association notes that the five leading causes of vehicle breakdowns are electrical. Other problems are either gearbox, clutch or alternator. Repairing them can wipe out your entire holiday budget.

Mechanical breakdown Insurance can Save you From a Breakdown

Breakdown insurance covers you for repairs to all mechanical parts of the car. The plan provides protection against the cost of parts as well as labour, mechanical or electrical.

Mechanical breakdown insurance protects vehicle owners from huge repair bills that relate to mechanical issues. This type of policy varies from one insurer to the next and may also have a different name. Like Vehicle Protection for example.

What is Covered with This plan?

  • The engine
  • Gearbox
  • Transmission system
  • Suspension
  • Fuel and ignition systems
  • Cooling system
  • Electronic and electrical systems
  • Steering
  • Drive and prop shafts

Where to Find Breakdown Insurance –

Auto & General Insurance Company were established in June 1985 and are part of the Telesure Group.  They know that car Insurance is vital to cover you for the unexpected.

Mechanical Breakdown Insurance

They offer different types of car insurance. Comprehensive, Third Party Fire & Theft and Third Party only. Comprehensive being the most expensive offers the most amount of cover.

Extra benefits –

There are always added benefits that come with breakdown insurance. Some include 24 hour access to roadside assistance or car rental for instance. Auto and General offer car hire if your breakdown occurs more than 1000 km from your home. They pay for 24-hour car hire so you can complete the journey or return home.

You need to be a Responsible car Owner

However, don’t think that with Mechanical Breakdown Insurance from Auto & General you can treat your car the way you like. For this plan to apply, your car must be serviced according to the warranty specifications. Failure to comply with service regulations will render your policy invalid.

Also, if you modify your car and use it for racing or rental purposes, the insurance won’t apply. You need to stick to the terms and conditions of your car insurance policy and your car must be roadworthy.

Call now Before you Leave on That overland safari

With South Africa’s bad crime rate, poor roads and unlicensed drivers, you can’t afford to have your car breakdown anywhere.

Auto & General are an authorised financial services provider. Go online to apply for this valuable insurance and someone knowledgeable will call you back.

All info was correct at time of publishing March 13, 2018