Oakhurst Motor Insurance

    October 27, 2018

    Although many insurance companies in South Africa will provide you with car insurance, one that stands out for its affordability and convenience, is the Oakhurst Motor Insurance Company. With no forms to fill in and no unnecessary fuss, this insurance company still provides a VIP customer care service which means their claim procedure is unburdened; free from the usual red tape.

    Although there are many businesses in South Africa that provide car insurance, there are only three main types of insurance and those are the third party, third party, fire and theft or comprehensive.

    Types of Oakhurst Motor Insurance

    • Third party insurance will only insure you against any injuries or damages you may incur on a third party and will not compensate you for any damages or injuries you may suffer yourself.
    • Third party fire and theft is similar to the third party in so far as it only covers for injuries or damages to third parties but, also, it will compensate you should your car get damaged from certain natural disasters such as floods or fire and of course also pay you if someone steals your car.
    • Comprehensive insurance covers both third parties and any damages or injuries you may receive yourself. Most insurance companies will offer a range of different comprehensive insurance policies, allowing you to pay or as much coverage as you wish, up to and including windscreen or tire repair.

    Oakhurst Motor Insurance

    All the insurance companies will offer you one of these three types of policy. But their prices and terms may differ significantly. For that reason, it is always better to shop around for car insurance rather than just going to the nearest one to where you live.

    Today you can easily do this by just going on the internet, to the different insurance sites. Request quotes. Some companies, like Oakhurst Motor Insurance, will even be able to accept your request for a policy online.

    Different Cars

    However, if you own a car which is perhaps a little unique, the approach is different.  An insurance company may ask that one of their representatives take a look at it to establish its value. If an insurance company representative does look at your vehicle, he will look for anti-theft devices.

    If you have had any anti-theft devices installed on your car, this could reduce your premiums substantially. That’s because the insurance companies realise that vehicle theft is less likely.


    If you intend to have your car for an extended period, then ask Oakhurst Motor Insurance for claim-free discounts. Although, if they do, it might not reduce the cost of your insurance this year. However, it may in the future you might by in line for substantial discounts. These are for long-standing clients who have not claimed.

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