Service Plan

The best service plan provides a motorist with the assurance that car servicing will be carried out when scheduled, using genuine parts, and carried out by competent personnel.

Best Service Plan Cover

Therefore to protect against the ever rising routine vehicle maintenance, a service plan should feature in your immediate plans. Features of the best service plans are:

  • Anti-freeze, brake fluid, spark plugs, interior filter element, fuel filters, air filters, oil filters, and oil.
  • Labour costs as per a pre-defined OEM service schedule
  • 24 hour medical and roadside assistance
  • Available plan options for cars of various mileage and ages
  • Increased vehicle resale value via transferable service plans

So for a more in-depth look into service plans, complete and submit the quote form today.

Best Service Plan in South Africa

All info was correct at time of publishing February 4, 2019