The kind of car insurance you need

There is a South African website that has created a question and answer test for motorists seeking vehicle insurance. That way they can see what kind of car insurance is right for them.

Based on the answers given, will recommend what type of insurance best suits the motorist in question.

This is rather a fun and informative way in which to select the best option to suit personal needs.

How the platform works

Based on the six questions asked, visitors to the website must fill in their answers which are all rated according to a points table.

At the end of the test, depending on the score, the motorist is advised to take out comprehensive or third party, fire and Kind of Car Insurancetheft insurance.

Naturally, honesty is the best policy to establish the correct advice.

The test questions and points value

  1. The driver’s age has a points value of 2 if between 18 and 21 years; 5 between 21 and 25 years; 10 between 25 and 30 years; 15 between 30 and 40 years; 20 between 40 and 60 years; and 25 if 60 years and older.
  2. The age of the vehicle has a points value of 20 between brand new and 1 year; 18 between 1 to 3 years; 10 between 3 to 6 years; 7 between 6 to 10 years; and 2 if 10 years and older.
  3. The value of the car has a points value of 0 up to R6 000; 15 between that and R50 000; 30 if between that and R200 000; and 40 if valued above R200 000.
  4. Your bank balance has a points value of 50 if between 0 and R10 000; 40 between that and R100 000; 30 between that and R300 000; 20 between that and R1 million; and 10 for bank balances in excess of R1 million.
  5. Annual income has a points value of 0 up to R160 000; 4 between that and R200 000; 6 between that and R400 000; and 10 if it exceeds R400 000.
  6. Claim free years have a points value of 0 for 0 years; 4 for one year; 6 for two years; 8 for three years; and 10 for four years.

Your test results

Motorists scoring 80 points or more are advised to take out Comprehensive Insurance.

For those who scored 79 or less, Carinfo suggests the kind of car insurance you need is Third Party, or for Third Party, Fire and Theft.

 Conclusion about finding out the kind of car insurance you need

Insurers will always suggest comprehensive insurance for vehicles up to nine years old.

These vehicles still retain a good resale value and so paying more for comprehensive insurance offers the owner full protection for all types of accidents, including:

  • Hail damage
  • Being struck by falling objects such as trees during lightning storms
  • Colliding with an animal
  • Being crashed into by a drunken driver


Comprehensive cover does not come cheaply, but it is worth the monthly payments to have your vehicle repaired or replaced at little personal cost in times of need.

For owners of older makes and models, Third Party or Third Party, Fire and Theft should be the very least cover selected.


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All info was correct at time of publishing December 18, 2017